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Tunica, Where a Dad can Relax

Father’s Day is fast approaching.  We know that a typical gift for dad might involve a tie, hunting equipment or a round of golf, but we think Dad is looking for some relaxing time away just like Mom, so we’ve got just the thing and it doesn’t involve the remote control & a beer!

Father’s Day in Tunica!

Ahh…Father’s Day!  One of the best day’s of any man’s life is the day he becomes a Father!  It’s only then that he can truly begin to understand the years of conversations, scoldings, disappointing looks, praise and pride that his own father has shown him over the years.  Being a Father is a tricky thing 364 days a year.  It’s Daddy this, Daddy that, Why Daddy, Can I Daddy, Money Daddy, Daddy Please and then, the one day that a Father can call his own, that 365th day – Father’s Day.