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Pair Plus Option in 3 Card Poker

I’ve mentioned there are several optional pay tables at Pair Plus in Three Card Poker. One reader asked “Why isn’t the pay table standard?”

Three Card Poker: Pair Plus vs. Ante-Play

I’ve long used Three Card Poker as a change of pace game. I don’t play it as often as I play blackjack or video poker, but it’s easy and I enjoy relaxing over a session now and then.

When I play, I stick to the ante-play option, where you match up your hand against the dealer. Most of the other players bet both on ante-play and on the Pair Plus option, where any pair or better wins.

Why Do You Sometimes Win on the Ante and Not the Bet in Poker?

Many modern table games include two stage betting, with an ante and a bet. Players with strong hands then must wait to see if the dealer has a qualifying hand. If the dealer’s hand isn’t good enough, you win only on the ante and the bet is returned to you.

Mini Royal Payoffs in Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker was designed with straight flushes as the highest paying hands.  The exceptions are at casinos that offer a bigger payoff on mini-royals – Ace, King, Queen of the same suit.

World Series Of Poker Returns To Tunica

When the World Series of Poker Circuit makes its Tunica stop Jan. 21-Feb. 1 at Horseshoe, it will be building on a tradition that began 45 years ago in Las Vegas. That’s when Benny Binion invited seven of the top poker players in the world to come to his casino for a tournament he called the World Series of Poker, and that’s grown into the mega-event that brings national ballyhoo and TV coverage every year.

Let It Ride: 3-card Side Bet

Table games manufacturers love to spice up their products with side bets, something to add a little extra action, a little extra interest to play. And if there’s one thing casino table games manufacturers love to see, it’s more action, with more money on the table.