Tunica Buffet Tour: Cornucopia at Bally’s and Village Square at Horseshoe

 Tunica Buffet Tour: Cornucopia at Bally’s and Village Square at Horseshoe

Cornucopia Buffet at Bally’s Casino

The Cornucopia Buffet is sure to give you that down home feeling. You can’t help but sense “home” in the air. You’ll feel as if your grandmother is gonna walk up and tell you, “eat all you want now child, there’s plenty.”

Speaking of plenty, there is an endless supply of catfish, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and home style chicken. And if that doesn’t take your mind back to home, nothing will. If you’re watching your calories, you will appreciate the healthier choices such as the baked fish, steamed broccoli, sweet peas and brussels sprouts. Your mother would be proud of you for clearing your plate.

Things to consider…

Bally’s also has a small Asian section that includes egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken and rice. It’s well worth a trip off the beaten path!

The Dessert Factor

I will go on the record as saying that I have not had many things better than the banana pudding at Bally’s buffet. It was absolutely wonderful. I had to peek into the kitchen just to be sure that my grandmother wasn’t back there preparing desserts.

Get a taste of what’s in the cornucopia at the Cornucopia Buffet. Visit its page on TunicaTravel.com for details on lunch and dinner hours.

Village Square Buffet at Horseshoe Tunica

Have you ever “taken a vacation” while “on vacation”? Here’s an opportunity at Village Square Buffet. If you have ever wanted to experience the best of the globe, the buffet at Horseshoe Tunica takes you on a “mini trip around the world.” There are not many places where you can experience authentic Chinese, Mexican, Italian and more without the cost of a plane ticket!
You’re sure to be well cultured by the time you leave, even if you’d like to keep it simple with a little home-style cooking. If you love Chinese, the buffet also features egg rolls and pot stickers. The Italian fare will make you feel as if you’re experiencing it right in the heart of Italy. And to wrap it up, there’s every style of Mexican food you can imagine. How’s that for a vacation?

Things to consider…

If you’re a fan of seafood, there is an endless supply of crawfish at the beginning of the line. Also, there’s lots of shrimp – both fried and boiled!

The Dessert Factor

As far as desserts are concerned, the only downside is deciding where to start. If the wide variety of cakes, pies and cookies isn’t enough, the brownie cupcakes and chocolate candy apples will make you want to throw all caution to the wind. 

The Village Square Buffet serves lunch and dinner, with special seafood and international nights and brunch. For hours of when you can visit and take a trip around the world of food, visit the buffet’s page on TunicaTravel.com.

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