Memphis All Stars at Roxy’s Live




“Music for your feets!” ..that’s right we said “feets!” The Memphis All-Stars are just that an “All Star” band of Memphis finest and most respected musicians. From R&B, to Rock n’ Roll, to any music your ear can imagine, the Memphis All-Stars will keep you on the dance floor all night long!

“The Memphis All-Stars come rollin’ on down the line with Blues Train. This ride doesn’t make any stops along the way, well, one stop. This album is one-way ticket to your blues lovin’ r& b soul. Every track is reminiscent of the great Motown groups like the Isley Brothers and Four Tops, to name a few. The extra ingredient is some extra oomph and character that wasn’t commonly found in the sixties or seventies. I listened to this CD three times to make sure it was really that good. [….] Here is another great example of an undiscovered gold mine of pure blues-r&b-pop pleasure. “Jesus On The Mainline” got me hook line and sinker with lyrics like-“Jesus on the mainline, tell em’ what you want, he won’t hang up, tell em’ what you want.” Then “Love Walks Out” was the clincher for me, what a smash hit that would be. It’s a song tailor made to cross over many genre lines, as it sails along like a ship unimpeded by the oncoming waves. “Blues Train” invites you to come along for the ride, free admission […]. This music will begin to simmer in your blood and just overflow into your mind body and soul making you smile from the inside out!”

Show starts at 9pm.