First Timer Tips & Tricks for the Best Possible Casino Experience

 First Timer Tips & Tricks for the Best Possible Casino Experience

Just like most sports and recreation, there’s etiquette involved in the casino experience. It can be daunting not to know the unspoken rules. So, we’ve put together the low-down for the soon to be high-rollers. If you’re new to the casino scene, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Don’t crowd out the experienced folks

If you’re a newbie and learning how to play the games, you’ll want to avoid sitting down at a table filled with experienced players. This is top-tier annoying. Instead, take things at your own pace and opt for an empty table. Then work your way up to play with the big dogs. Also, if you’re sitting, you’re playing. Don’t sit down at a table if you don’t intend to play. That’s just straight-up uncool. Make sure you know what game you’re sitting down to (double check it’s actually the blackjack table!). And if you have any questions, just ask the dealer! They’ll guide you through your gambling journey.

If you can’t drink it, bet it, or smoke it…then it should be off the table

This especially goes for phones. If you’re living that casino life, then you’ve gotta keep your head in the game and be present in the moment. Don’t slow yourself or anyone else down by crowding up the playing space or getting distracted on your device.

Yes, the drinks really are free!

As long as you’re actively playing, the drinks are free in Tunica. But if you’re drinking, you’re tipping. Also, just because they’re free, doesn’t mean you have to drink them all. It’s really hard to play the slots blackout drunk. Pace yourself and let the good times roll. Remember to treat your servers well!

While we’re on the topic of tipping…

We also tip Dealers, Waitresses, and Slot Attendants. They’re there to ensure your night of fun. Lady luck hates a stickler. So don’t doom yourself to bad karma—take care of your service workers, and they’ll take good care of you.

A word about the odds:

The easier the game, the worse the odds are. Small risk, small wins. If you’re looking to hit it big, you’ll need to take some chances here and there. This is, after all, gambling.

The players card is so worth it.

Not only does it simplify your playing, it unlocks the ultimate casino experience. You’ll be entered to win giveaways, have access to hidden savings, offers, and deals, and keep up with your winnings all in one place. You can use it to play the slots and just hand it on over to the dealer when you’re at the table. And then, when you hit it big, you’ll use the card to cash out your night.

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