Beginners’ Guide to Sports Betting

 Beginners’ Guide to Sports Betting

Whether you’re a huge sports fan or simply looking for a new way to game at the casino, the Tunica, MS, sportsbooks have you covered. Complete with big-screen TVs, betting windows, and full-service bars, these sportsbooks are among the hottest spots in our area. But before you head into town to try your luck, there are a few basics all beginners should understand when it comes to sports betting. Here, Tunica Convention & Visitors Bureau, which is affiliated with The Gateway to the Blues Museum and Visitor Center, offers some advice on what you need to know.

Understanding Basic Terminology

For the best chances of success, it helps beginners to understand the terminology surrounding sports betting. The following are a few key terms you should know before settling in at a Tunica sportsbook:

Favorite vs. Underdog

Oddsmakers will choose a favorite and an underdog. The favorites are the teams or athletes expected to win, and they will appear with a plus sign next to their names. The underdog, on the other hand, is expected to lose and will have a minus sign associated with their name.

Point Spreads

Point spreads are used for football and basketball games and bet on the margin of victory of the team. In other words, the favorite team provides points, and the underdog team will receive points. If you bet on a favorite team, they’ll have to win by however many points are next to the plus sign. If betting on the underdog, you’re able to win or lose the game by less than that point amount. Many sportsbooks will charge an added 10%, which is known as a vig or vigorish.


Moneylines, usually used for baseball, hockey, and soccer games, are simply a bet on what team is going to win. There are no spreads involved in this betting style. A negative number will be shown next to the favorite, while a positive number will be shown next to the underdog.

The Over/Under Method

Oddsmakers combine the total number of points scored by both teams. At this point, betters will be able to wager if the game will go over or under that total. Usually, a sportsbook will collect a 10% vig or vigorish for an over/under wager.

Rotation Numbers and Real-Time Movement

In sports betting, rotation numbers will be shown on the left of the team board. In some cases, they’re called an NSS or Vegas ID number. These rotation numbers are specific to the team, sport type, and league. This is important to understand because sports betting is almost a sport in its own right – everything moves, all the time. Bookmakers will adjust odds on various factors throughout the day, with factors like weather and player injuries taken into account.

Combining Logic and Fun in Tunica, MS

With these sports betting basics top of mind, you’ll be ready to test your luck and enjoy the action at one of the several Tunica sportsbooks in our area. While you’re in town, you can couple the excitement of sports betting with countless other local attractions. If you need advice on where to stay, how to get here, and other things to do in Tunica, MS, feel free to contact Tunica Convention & Visitors Bureau for advice today.