Does Playing Two Slot Machines At Once Help?

 Does Playing Two Slot Machines At Once Help?

I once watched in semi-amazement as a woman played a whole row of eight three-reel slot machines by herself. She’d push the “max bet” button, and while the reels were still spinning, step to push the button on the next machine, and the next. When the reels started spinning on machine No. 8, she’d stride back to the beginning and start again.

That was extreme, anyone who plays three-reel games probably has seen someone playing two machines at once. It’s less common on video slots, where the interactive bonus events command more attention. But on the reel-spinners, there are players who think playing two machines gives them a better chance to find a hot machine.

Does it work? Not really.

Playing more than one machine will bring the occasional jackpot you wouldn’t hit if you were sticking to one game. More bets means more chances. But far more often, the result will be bigger, faster losses.

Nowadays most machines grouped together have similar payback percentages. But even if there was a big disparity, playing side-by-side machines in hopes one is a big payer is a losing proposition. Play two machines at once, and you nearly double your spins per hour. That means twice the wagers, twice the risk, and somewhere near twice the average loss per hour.

Of course, on any slot machine, it’s possible to either win big or lose fast in the short term. Playing two machines at once brings more jackpots, but that’s simply because you’re making more bets. And that means losing more money in the long run.

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