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Place Your Bets For The Big Game In Tunica

Super Bowl Sunday is the most anticipated day of the year for NFL fans in the Mid-South. If you don’t have tickets to the big game, we invite you to watch and place your bets in Tunica for the Big Game.

Sports Betting and Parlays

There are times sports bettors think they’ve zeroed in on multiple winners and are tempted to bet parlays — betting multiple teams, with all required to win for the bettor to collect.

The temptation is in the payoffs. Let’s use parlays on point-spread bets as an example.

Sports Betting on Baseball

Sports Betting On Baseball 101 Blog

When sports bettors turn to baseball, point spreads, or a “run line,” are available just as they are in football or basketball. If the Reds are playing the Cardinals in St. Louis, with the Reds listed at +1.5, then Cardinals bettors need them to win by two runs or more, while Reds bettors win if Cincinnati wins the game or loses by only one run.

More commonly, though, baseball bettors focus on the money line. The run line isn’t as popular as point spreads in football and basketball.

It’s Duck Hunting Season In Mississippi

It’s November in the Mississippi Delta!  It seems that each month has its own theme, October – Breast Cancer Awareness, November – Thanksgiving, December – Christmas.  But for those who live, work and play in the Mississippi Delta, November is a time of dramatic change.   We lose an hour of day light as we set our clocks back an hour and the lush green fields of summer return to their natural state as the farmers end their harvest and prepare the land for next years new beginning.

Sports Betting and House Edge

Sports Betting And House Edge With Money Blog

In a previous entry discussing the point spread, over/under and money line wagers at sports books, I mentioned that the house typically charges an extra 10 percent on point-spread and over/under bets. To win $10, you must bet $11.

Bettors are sometimes misled into thinking that gives the house a 10 percent edge, which would be very high casino standards.

Actually, the house edge is 4.55 percent. Here’s how it works:

Sports Betting 101

Sports Betting 101 Football Field blog

The legalization of sports betting no doubt will bring throngs of new players who need to know the ropes before they bet.

Old hands who have wagered in Nevada or online already know the basics, but for those finding a new betting experience in Mississippi, here are a few of the basic ways to bet.


Get Into The Swing Of Spring With Golf In Tunica

In Tunica, you can feel the warm breeze at your back as you grab your sand wedge, balance your weight on your heels in the sand trap,  let it rip, and watch your ball soar over the lush green to roll slowly into the hole for par.  You’ll discover why golfers come from around the world for the year-round golf opportunities just down the road in Tunica.
What golfer doesn’t like a good bet?  In Tunica, you can do both!  Playing Tunica’s two championship golf courses during the day and playing the tables and slots at night at Tunica’s world-class casinos are the perfect vacation getaway.  

Best Of Tunica Golf

Most of us are will never wear the green jacket like Jordan Speith or hoist the Player’s Championship trophy like Rickie Fowler.  Golf, however, is a game that does let us play the same courses and holes as the pro’s.  So, it got me thinking. What are the signature holes at Tunica’s two championship courses, River Bend Links and Tunica National?  

Laughter Fills the Air this Spring in Tunica

If you’re looking to laugh this Spring, Tunica is the place to be with a slew of comedians gracing our stages including Jay Leno, Sinbad, Gary Owen, Gabriel Iglesias and more. 

Michigan Golfer Finds Her “True South” In Mississippi

Tunica along with the Mississippi Division of Tourism hosted a group of golf writers to the state. One of the writers, Susan Bairley writes a column on the APosition.com and we wanted to share her experience here in Tunica at Tunica National Golf and Tennis as well as at the Old Waverly course in West Point, MS. 

Bowl Game Action at Tunica Casinos

If you’re looking for the perfect place to kick back and watch college football bowl games this season, Tunica’s casinos are the perfect place for you and your friends. With nine world-class resorts featuring a host of bars and high-definition TVs, you won’t have to worry about missing one minute of the action.

Football and Hunting Season is Here!

August – the dog days of summer, it’s hot, dry, humid – hotter, dryer and just down right sticky here in the Mississippi Delta.  To top it off, summer is over and if you have children, it’s back to school time.  But August brings promise, the promise of the first weekend in September. Yes, on the first weekend of September each year, it’s the time most wives love to hate – SEC Football and the opening day of dove season.  And, that’s just the start, leading strait into a full season of the NFL complete with days of your significant other out communing with nature as it can only be found on a deer stand or in a duck blind!

Spring Has Sprung! March Madness is Here!

Spring is finally here. It’s not because flowers are in bloom or because birds are in the air or because the weather seems to have warmed up a little. The only way I ever even notice Spring has started is because March Madness usually marks the beginning of Springtime for me.

Greg Gaston on Teeing Off in Tunica

Considering that I have been heavily involved in sports for years, it probably is no surprise that I try to find something sport-related almost everywhere I go. Even though I am a fan of all sports, my favorite to play is golf. Anytime that I can get away to get in a good game of golf, I do. Sometimes I want to get out of Memphis, but don’t have time to travel a long distance to other courses. Luckily for me, Tunica is just down the road.

Tunica’s Super Social Super Bowl Giveaway

Enter the TunicaMS Super Social Super Bowl Giveaway today & check back Monday, February 7 to see if you’re the Super Winner!

Kickoff in Tunica! Where to Watch the Big Games

It’s football season!  That means every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday there is a big game on TV.  For those of you who will be in Tunica hitting the slots all weekend (or those of you who don’t have the NFL package like me and still want to see the big game on big TVs), Travel Tunica decided you need to know where to catch the game if you aren’t at home.

Edging Out Your Golf Competition With Style

You only play as well as you look. I don’t know about you but if I look and feel my best, my game tends to follow that same path. If you want the upper hand on the course it can’t hurt to have the latest in gear and apparel to get you started, and here are some things to consider: