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Back to Back Jackpots a Reality

Regular readers know that I love to hear close encounters of the winning kind. Slot and video poker players have been great about emailing me their experiences in winning back to back jackpots, or at least jackpots within a few plays of each other.

The latest comes from Suzanne, a video poker player who wasn’t sure her story qualified because it involved royal flushes by two different players.

Cornhole: Sport of Champions

The 2011 Smoking Aces Festival & BBQ Championship is taking place this weekend, September 16-17, hosted by Harrah’s Casino. The festival, which we talked about before and which benefits Porter-Leath, is billed as a celebration of some of the most important things in any man’s life: meats, motors, matches, music, malts and margaritas. Taken individually, any of those elements would make for a good weekend, but combine them and you are talking about one heck of a party. The Smoking Aces Festival will be a good time benefitting a good cause, but it’s not a fall weekend without a little healthy competition. We aren’t talking football here, we’re talking cornhole – the “matches” on the list of important m-words showcased by this event.