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Reason #2 Closer Doesn’t Mean Better – Comps

Yesterday, we showed you that when it comes to gaming, nowhere else in the MidSouth even comes close to the Vegas-style action you can find in Tunica. Click here for Reason #1.  Today, we’re giving you yet another reason why closer doesn’t mean better, and it’s one of our personal favorites. Today, it’s all about the comps.

Casino Spotlight: Extend Your Summer with Promotions at Roadhouse

Fall is synonymous with back-to-school, so it’s only fitting that as we approach fall that we feature Tunica Roadhouse, a casino that offers the kind of fun that takes me back to my college days: beer pong, pool, darts, poker and mechanical bull riding (you have to see Whiskey the Bull in action).

Casino Spotlight: Real Rewards at Resorts Casino Tunica

Resorts Casino Tunica is the home of real winners, real employees, real service and real fun. But it’s also the home of real rewards. Resorts gives you plenty of reasons to head down the road for a visit. The casino offers great promotions, a wide variety of gaming options and dining options sure to please every taste bud. The only thing that could make taking part in all of the fun better is to be rewarded for it, and Resorts Destination Casino Club does just that.

How Much Is Free Play Actually Worth?

Over the last few years, casinos have been transforming rewards programs so that instead of cash for rewards points or vouchers for cash via direct mail, many now give free play. That led a reader to ask via email just what that free play is worth.

Make Sure You Know How to Play Your Cards with Players Cards in Tunica


As someone who often travels to Tunica to enjoy all the gaming, food and entertainment it has to offer, I know a little bit about how all those things can add up. So, sometimes it is nice to get a little something back for my faithful patronage. Each Tunica casino offers it own Player’s Cards and rewards programs offering loyal gamers tons of free perks. The more you play, the more points you earn. Free stays, free food and more? Where do I sign up? Well I’d be happy to tell you! Check out my list below with details on the perks and rewards for Player’s Card programs at each of the Tunica casinos.