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New Table Game, BJ-Bac

When the Global Gaming Expo rolls around every fall, the display floor is dominated by major slot manufacturers. You could spend days just trying new slot games — and I do spend most of two days doing just that.

But I like to reserve one day seeking out new table games. There are nowhere near as many new table games as there are slot games, and many of the table games designers have small booths on the back rows of the floor, far from the main action. But walking the floor sometimes allows you to uncover a gem.

Spielo’s Plants vs. Zombies and Aruze’s Knight of La Mancha

Inspiration for new slot machine themes can come from anywhere. We’ve seen slots based on board games, movies, TV shows, rock bands—if it resonates with the public, it’s fair game. At the Global Gaming Expo, Spielo International introduced a line of slots based on popular online free-play games, while Aruze Gaming turned to classic literature.

Introducing NASCAR and Pawn Star Slots from Bally

At the annual Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, the major slot manufacturers always have the biggest, brightest, noisiest, busiest high-energy booths. Thousands of new games were on display this October, ready to impress the casino execs who decide what goes onto their slot floors.

A couple that are sure to draw crowds in the casinos, just as they drew crowds at G2E, are from Bally Technologies. Anyone who’s watched “Pawn Stars” on the History Channel is going to love the bargaining over bonuses on Bally’s Pawn Stars slot. It has multiple bonus events, including a wheel spin that shows just what event you’re going to play.

The King of Pop – Slot Machine Royalty

The King of Pop is looking a lot like slot machine royalty, too, if the crowds at October’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas were anything to go by. And it wasn’t just Michael Jackson’s music that kept casino industry professional swarming around the Michael Jackson: King of Pop games at Bally Technologies’ booth.

Choose Your Volatility Games

Each year at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, I’m on the lookout for new trends in the games slotmakers will be offering us. It seems that one thing we’ll be seeing more of are slots that let us choose our play experience. Both International Game Technology and Spielo International showed new games with “choose your volatility” options.