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Bowfishing Fun in Tunica

Who doesn’t love a new adventure? Imagine standing aboard a boat as it idles in open water. You’re probably picturing a rod and reel in your hand, right? Instead, you raise your bow and arrow, pointing it toward a massive fish that happens to be swimming close to the surface. With the precision and intensity… Read more »

It’s Duck Hunting Season In Mississippi

It’s November in the Mississippi Delta!  It seems that each month has its own theme, October – Breast Cancer Awareness, November – Thanksgiving, December – Christmas.  But for those who live, work and play in the Mississippi Delta, November is a time of dramatic change.   We lose an hour of day light as we set our clocks back an hour and the lush green fields of summer return to their natural state as the farmers end their harvest and prepare the land for next years new beginning.

Outdoor Writers Take a Quack at Duck Hunting in Tunica

As a previous guest and visitor to our area John Phillips once wrote, “Every duck hunter in the nation believes that if they’ve lived good, sportsmen-like lives and have close relationship with God, they’ll hopefully get permission to hunt at Beaver Dam near Tunica, Mississippi, before they die.