Brush Up on Your Blackjack Before Visiting Tunica

 Brush Up on Your Blackjack Before Visiting Tunica

Twenty-one—a number that fills us with adventure and hope. Of all the traditional games of chance, blackjack enjoys a special place in our hearts! It’s the one we learned first, the game we played for nickels with family or at sleepovers. It’s like an old friend tucked into a deck of cards.

Even now, among the gorgeous racket of a casino floor, the blackjack table becomes an oasis of familiarity. But while sleepover blackjack and casino blackjack share a lot in common, there are some key differences worth remembering.

If you’re dreaming about green felt and the exhilarating swoosh of cards across a table, you’re not alone. But before you pack your bags and start toward the neon lights, you might need a little practice to shake off the cobwebs.

These tips and tricks can help you get your blackjack groove back!

Enlist a partner (or several)

In casino blackjack, you’re only playing against the dealer. Even so, it helps to remember the communal nature of the game by playing with a few pals (or even a few empty chairs with cards in front of them).

When approaching the casino table, try to avoid the first chair. Blackjack is dealt counterclockwise so that the chair furthest to your right (when looking straight at the dealer) becomes the first seat.

By choosing a seat further away from the first (the rightmost chair), you’re giving yourself more time to consider the dealer’s card, your hand, and your options. Time is an important factor for success—something that’s often lost when playing at home.

Don’t Forget the Camera

It’s easy to relax when playing with friends, to let verbal commands like “hit” or “stay” do the lion’s share of the work. Casino blackjack, meanwhile, requires a visual record of play and relies on hand gestures to verify your commands.

Practice your hand gestures at home to avoid any awkwardness with the dealer.

Stand – Wave your hand vertically over the table as if to say “pass” or open your palm as if to say “stop.”

Hit – A tap to the table normally suffices, but some eye contact and a nod won’t hurt.

Double down – Simply position your additional wager to the left of your initial wager.

Split – Place an additional wager down and tap the table with a “peace sign.”

Surrender – With a finger, draw a line from left to right on the table in front of you and say “surrender.”

Remember the Dealer’s Strategy

Depending on how you’ve played with friends, you may rotate dealer duties while still playing for the pot. In at-home blackjack, it’s common for every player to have one upturned card and one downturned card (as only the dealer will at the casino).

At most casinos (though not all) dealers are required to stand at 17. An upturned face card (worth 10) or high value card (6-9) says a lot about the dealer’s possible options.

Dealer’s may hit on what’s called a “soft 17” which requires an ace (being anywhere from 1 to 11 in value as desired).

In either case, being dealt or hitting for 18 or more is a good sign to stay and wait for the hand to play out. Why take the chance when you might have already won?

Tunica’s Ready When You Are

Start small, wager only what you’re prepared to lose, and most importantly: have fun. Tunica’s casinos take public health and safety seriously and have implemented several common-sense precautions to keep you safe while aiming for that magical 21.

For peace of mind as you play, practice at home before packing your bags! #VisitMSResponsibly


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