What To Expect When You Arrive In Tunica

 What To Expect When You Arrive In Tunica

Are you wanting to visit Tunica but curious about what the casinos are doing to protect you from COVID-19? Here are 10 things to know before visiting.  

Q. Are employees required to wear masks?

A. Yes, all casino employees are required to wear masks at all times. Employees are also screened and have their temperature taken before their shift.

Q. What steps are taken to ensure social distancing?

A. Per Mississippi Gaming Commission guidelines, a 75 percent capacity restriction will be enforced, table games and slot machines will be configured to allow for appropriate physical distancing, and valet parking will be temporarily discontinued. Complimentary self-parking will be available for guests.

Q. What changes have been made to table games?

A. Many casinos have installed plexiglass barriers between the dealers and each player.  There is a three chair limit per table. Three player max on each side of dice table and staff will sanitize table game rails and chair after a guest leaves.

Q. Are guests required to wear a mask?

A. All persons in indoor public areas of a casino property shall be required to wear a mask or face shield covering the nose and mouth. Persons may remove masks temporarily while eating or drinking or when asked by casino staff for identification.

Q. Are poker rooms open?

A. Yes, Horseshoe Casino’s poker room is open.

Q. Are pools open?

A. At this time the only pool open is at Sam’s Town Tunica Casino.

Q. Are sports books open?

A. Yes, our sports books are open and ready for you to place your bets!

Q. Are restaurants open for dine-in?

A. Most of the casino restaurants are open for dine-in or carry out. Please check with each casino to verify what is open and for hours.

Q. Is smoking allowed?

A. Yes, smoking is allowed unless otherwise stated at individual properties or if a property has a smoke-free area.

Q. Are hotels open?

A. Yes, the hotels are open and housekeeping room services are offered at checkout only, or upon request by guest.

Posted by Douglas Glenn on

I have COPD. I am not able to wear a mask. Am I restricted from attending any of the casinos in tunica?

Posted by Ron roudebush on

I have copd can’t wear a mask will you let me in

Posted by Yvonne on

There is so much smoke in casinos, you would be in danger if you entered. I would ask you to stay home based on COPD.

Posted by Sue Dees on

I’ll return when all the machines are open. So many of my favorite ones were closed

Posted by K D on

I am from out of state. What are the quarantine rules there for out of state visitors.

Posted by Janice Stewart on

You said nothing about slot machines. Are they open? How and how often sanitized?

Posted by Janet Wheatley on

I have been to all of the casinos, there. They have some of the machines shut off and space in between them. They also have plexiglass, between a lot of the machines. I did see them being sanitized regularly.

Posted by Ernest Wickersham on

What does “housekeeping room services are offered at checkout only, or upon request by guest” mean? What are “housekeeping room services”? My room is cleaned only when I check out? I can only order room service when I check out? Makes no sense at all.

Posted by Barbara Jones on

Flying into Tunica for a 3 night stay at The Horseshoe. Will I have to be quarantined if I have not been exposed to the virus?

Posted by Ernest Wickersham on

How many “sides” are there at the crap tables? Three, four?

Posted by James R. Outlaw on

Still too dangerous, in my opinion. We are watching the case & death totals in the news. We look forward to better news soon. Thank you for caring.

Posted by Steve on

Actually less than the swine flu and nothing like this was done.

Posted by Tom Pittman on

Well Steve is dumb af. 🤷‍♂️

Posted by Patti on

How can smoking be allowed if mandatory mask wearing? People have to remove their mask to smoke. How can it be safe?

Posted by Eleanor on

When will the buffets be back?

Posted by Dora on

I haven’t been in along time and use to get free play and food. Do you still do that?

Posted by Lee on

Wearing a mask, I’ll return when all the Plandemic/Hysteria is over.

Posted by Vickie Canterbury on

I’ve been to Tunica gaming but it’s been a long time my
Whiny about every weekend and he’s past a way now
And I can bring myself to go back but I going to have to
He who’d been very upset with me if I didn’t go back
That’s the only thing we all enjoy in life is going to Tunica

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