Tunica Nutrition Opens In Downtown Tunica

 Tunica Nutrition Opens In Downtown Tunica

Tunica Main street has a new business and it’s owned by 17 year old Burch Franklin. Burch decided to open the business after the school she was attending in Colorado closed due to COVID-19. She needed a summer job and didn’t want to have to drive out of town for work. She frequently visited other towns to get nutrition drinks with her friends and decided it would just be better to have one in town.

She started by making spreadsheets and collecting startup costs never thinking her parents would actually go for it. To her surprise they really loved the idea and we decided it would be a good learning experience for her to have.  Burch contacted Rhonda Chapman, who was ready to start a store as well and together they started Tunica Nutrition. 

Meal Replacement Shakes and Loaded Teas

Tunica Nutrition serves healthy meal replacement shakes and loaded teas using Herbalife products. The shakes and loaded teas are a healthy and happy alternative to your everyday lifestyle. Their drinks are unique, not only because of the flavor but the meal replacement shakes are low carb and the loaded teas are sugar free making them a healthy option for everyone. They even keep our menu new and fresh, with fun flavors about every 3 weeks. 

Next time you are visiting be sure to head to downtown and grab a shake or loaded tea. Tunica Nutrition is located at 1349 Main Street. They are open Monday – Friday from 7am to 3pm and Saturdays 9am – 2pm.

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