Tunica Casinos Set To Reopen

 Tunica Casinos Set To Reopen

The Tunica hospitality industry is excited to welcome back our visitors as we begin to reopen our destination amenities. Careful planning and new policies have been developed by our attractions and casino resorts in an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable entertainment experience. 

The safety of our guests and employees are of the utmost importance during this time.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we all adapt to the new policies and procedures designed to keep us safe and allow us to enjoy all that Tunica has to offer. 

The Mississippi Gaming Commission in conjunction with Governor Tate Reeves and the Mississippi Health Officer have announced that Tunica’s six casino resort properties may open no earlier than 8 a.m., Thursday, May 21, 2020.  Please find below the general guidelines and what to expect when visiting one of our properties.

We can’t wait to see you back in Tunica!

The general reopening guidelines include:

Properties are limited to no greater than 50% occupancy. Points of entry must be limited to allow for guests to be screened.

What to Expect When You Arrive

Guests will be asked the following questions, and if the answer is “yes” they will not be allowed to enter the property:

  1. Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
  2. Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat?
  3. Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?
  4. Have you had new loss of taste or smell?
  5. Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?

What To Expect While On Property

During the screening, guests will be asked to use hand sanitizer and encouraged to wear a mask (which will be provided by the property) while on property.

  • Valet discontinued, unless the property has a specific plan
  • No entertainment or special event gatherings
  • No promotions/table game tournaments
  • VIP areas and Poker Rooms will remain closed
  • Player’s Club will remain open
  • Gyms and spas will be allowed to open under the same rules issued earlier by the state of Mississippi.

Table Games

  • Three chair limit per table
  • Three player max on each side of dice table
  • Staff will sanitize table game rails and chair after a guest leaves


  • Six feet between guests
  • Slot machines sanitized at least once every four hours
  • Slot floor deep cleaned daily

Food & Beverage

  • Beverages may be offered to guests on the playing floor
  • Food service stations, carts, counters, rails, trays sanitized at least once per hour


  • Housekeeping room services offered at checkout only, or upon request by guest

Click here to open the full pdf version of the gaming commission’s letter.

Casino Reopening Details

  • Horseshoe Tunica will operate at 50% capacity, in accordance with the Phase One Casino Reopening Guidelines issued by the Mississippi Gaming Commission. Slot machine banks will be arranged to allow for proper social distancing, and table games will be offered with limited seating. Certain amenities including Poker, the Sportsbook, Village Square Buffet, the Laurel Lounge and the WSOP bar will remain closed until further notice, and are planned to reopen in phases that are in-line with consumer demand and pursuant to guidance provided by public health authorities. All other outlets and self-betting kiosks will open Thursday, May 21 at 8:00 a.m..
  • Fitz Casino will open at 8:01 a.m.. We will update with details on what will be available as soon as we receive them.
  • 1st Jackpot will be opening our doors with limited offerings on Thursday, May 21 at 12pm. Details of those protocols and additional information on the reopening will be made available here on in the coming days. 
  • Hollywood Casino will be opening our doors with limited offerings on Thursday, May 21 at 12pm. Table Games Seating will be limited.
    Slots Machines will be configured to meet social distancing requirements. The Poker Room will remain closed.
    Restaurant offerings will be limited to prepackaged sandwiches, drinks and snacks from Celebrity Grill. The hotel, RV park, pool, fitness center and valet will remain closed.
  • Sam’s Town Tunica will reopen at 11 a.m. on Thursday, May 21.
  • Gold Strike Casino Resort will reopen in a limited capacity to the public on Monday, May 25. Upon reopening May 25, in addition to the hotel, Gold Strike’s food and beverage offerings will include Pickle & Jam, Chicago Steakhouse, the Buffet and Stage 2. All food within the Buffet will be served by team members; there will be no self-service. Property amenities will be limited in this first phase of opening.

We will continue to update this list as more information becomes available. All of our 6 casinos are working hard to welcome you back in a safe and enjoyable entertainment atmosphere.

Posted by Wanda Davis on

Wonderful, look forward to my last visit for a while. Moving.

Posted by Nora B on

Hoping to visit you all soon,
Soooooo glad to know in advance of your opening

Posted by Wanda on

Looking forward to coming back to the gold strike you see you soon

Posted by Cullen bohannon on

Whoohoo! We have our room already booked at the fitz.We r heading out today to check out south land..

Posted by Pat Joy on

I miss you, see you Monday Goldstrike❤❤❤

Posted by Ginger McDaniel on

woohoo can’t wait hope to see you soon

Posted by Mack McCrary on

Glad to come back finally I am ready.

Posted by Bonnie Renee Lewis on

What casino is the best one and hotel I have never been there so I’m trying to find information out before heading down there

Posted by Mae Hammac on

If i get there are10 am how long do u think it will take to get in

Posted by Karen Elliot on

Wouldn’t it make better sense to have smoking upstairs since smoke rises. I think most people would likel no smoking because of health reasons. We get sick every time we go to the casino. Would likel it to be non-smoking.

Posted by Martin on

Is there any gambling buses leaving from Springfield Missouri or are they still on hold

Posted by Benny Wilbourn on

Glad you are set to reopen. Was planning a trip when the closing hit. Not sure if I will return until all is good!

Posted by Donna on


Posted by Debra Henley on

Right ban smoking ..its a risk!

Posted by Lara Newsom on


Posted by Smoker on

They should not allow drinking either because the slobber gets all over the glass!!

Posted by Smoker on

There is non-smoking upstairs

Posted by Mr. Carter on

I enjoy a cigar or two while I play but would not mind if the casino was 50% smoke free and 50% smoker friendly. Then everyone is free to choose where they play.

Posted by Smoker on

You can’t take the mask off every time you take a drink either!

Posted by Ray Zaso on

Will there be smoking?
Will there be buffets?

Posted by Charles E Odell on

Will definitely be there we cant wait to get out of this house.

Posted by Eva Mae Cobb on

Is the buffet going to be open

Posted by MsCupid45 on

Will smoking be allowed?

Posted by Cathi McClary on

Will we be allowed to smoke at slot machines and table games?

Posted by Sharon Stuart on

When can I make a reservation at gold strike for next weekend?

Posted by Diane Barker on

The act of smoking means that fingers are in contact with lips therefore saliva (possibly contaminated w/COVID-19) which increases the of transmission of virus from mouth to hand and then to everything those hands touch. Also exhaling smoke will introduce respiratory droplets (possibly contaminated w/COVID-19) into the air. THE ONLY RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO IS BAN SMOKING AND VAPING!!!

Posted by Karen Hambrock on

I totally agree!

Posted by Debra Myerss on

I agree! Masks should be mandated so no smoking or vaping!

Posted by Smoker on

Or drinking. You can’t drink with a mask on

Posted by Brenda on

I hear ya!

Posted by Shelby on

Also, no drinking. Keep mask on at all times.

Posted by Mark on

Stay home then!

Posted by Jacquelyn P Fisher on


Posted by Tony on

At least with exhaled smoke you will see where the droplets are going and you can avoid them whereas a normal exhalation without smoke can’t be seen. I think smoking as normal at a casino should be allowed. It’s kind of expected wouldn’t you think? It’s a casino. I’ve been to non smoking casinos. They just aren’t the same. Please don’t try to ruin one of the last smokers retreats left to us in America

Posted by Mr. Carter on

I enjoy a cigar or two while I play but would not mind if the casino was 50% smoke free and 50% smoker friendly. Then everyone is free to choose where they play.

Posted by Linda on

Agree with Diane Barker.

Posted by JoAnn Hundt on

I have been to a smoke free casino and I find it very refreshing.

Posted by Patricia Coleman on


Posted by Rachael on

How about don’t go to the casino until the pandemic is under control and the vaccinations are out?

Posted by Thomas Goetzke on

Hope you will be smoke free!!!!

Posted by Melva Wessner on

If you are that concerned, maybe it’s too early for you to get out.

Posted by Zandra Bienaime on

I will love no smoking I love coming to the casinos but when I go home I have to wash and air out everything.

Posted by Tony on

There are smoke free casinos everywhere. Go to one of them. You probably drive very near one coming to tunica. Please don’t try to spoil one of the last smokers retreats left to us in America

Posted by Brenda McCombs on

I hear you girl! Agree

Posted by Vicky on

Yes please let us smokers be able to smoke!

Posted by Kenneth Schwab on

See you when poker re-opens

Posted by Debra Henley on

Right ban smoking ..its a risk!

Posted by Shellet on

If I’m 6 feet from you, I don’t think your in danger. Give me a break.

Posted by Patricia A Henson on

Plenary don’t ban smoking because of someone elses agenda. I have always enjoyed coming here because it is allowed. We are citizens too. This whole virus thing has gotten crazy. Nefarious people are trying to change America using fear as its banner. Please don’t succomb.

Posted by Joe on

Bullshit post, self centered asshole.

Posted by Dewayne on

I don’t mind you get Ting cancer.I don’t want it or smell you.

Posted by Glenn E Makin on

DANGER: You are being conditioned to view your freedom as selfish.

Posted by Lisa Henson on

banning smoking is a bad idea. If folks are too scared they shouldnt be there in the first place

Posted by Brenda McCombs on

Agreed. In my experience; most guests are smokers

Posted by Karen Hambrock on

Most smokers leave the machines a filthy mess with ashes everywhere. Most don’t care if they blow smoke in some ones face. It’s very inconsiderate and selfish to expect the next person after you on that machine to have to clean up your mess, smoker or not. No one should have to worry about other peoples spittle whether you smoke or not. It’s not about anyone being scared! If you cannot clean up after yourself or keep your spit in your own mouth then maybe you should stay home . There is also the option of smoking outside!

Posted by Debbie on

Yes, Karen, agreed. Pre Covid I had to clean most machines from nasty smokers’ mess. I never left any trash at a machine. In fact, it was cleaner when I left it than when I sat down at it. What is wrong with people???

Posted by Linda on

I’ve noticed the same thing in the Alabama casinos, Karen. Ashtrays filled with cigarette butts on top of the playing areas and ashes on the machines.

Posted by Glenn E Makin on

DANGER: You are being conditioned to view your freedom as selfish.

Posted by Christy on

And there is also a option for yall non smokers to go somewhere else.Leave the smokers alone.A d if ppl are worried so much then I think they should stay out of the casino and stay n their bubble for a while longer.We r all adults we all know the risk and it’s our choice to have fun while smoking our ciggarettes,just like its yalls choice to go to a smoking casino!!!! Rant over!! See everyone thursday!

Posted by Patricia Coleman on

THAT’S A BIG PROBLEM CHRISTY … THERE ARE NO SMOKE FREE CASINOS …. tell me where there is ONE ….. in the south …..

Posted by Melva Wessner on

Agreed! They have places for non-smokers. Let them go to one.

Posted by Patti on

We are required to wear a mask on property A little difficult to smoke!!!

Posted by Carla on

I thought of that, also. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Maybe poke a hole in the mask, large enough for the cigarette to pass through? Ha!

Posted by Diana Caron on

It says wearing a mask is encouraged, doesn’t say it is required. I do agree with the no smoking rule.

Posted by Dale on

Won’t it be just as hard to drink from you liquor or soda cup?

Posted by Judy Woodall on


Posted by Ann on

I agree…It amazes me how many non smokers want to play the machines in the smoking sections of the casinos and then have the nerve to complain about the smoke.

Posted by Lisa on

Hollywood is awesome, And Sam’s Club is Awesome. All of them are good don’t get me wrong but those 2 are my favorite. Great rooms, great slots, wonderful food.

Posted by Brenda McCombs on

That’s right

Posted by John Neukum on

Will there be buffets anytime in the future?….That’s half the fun of the casino experience…What else would be offered as a food option?….When will promotions be honored?

Posted by Jeri johnson on

I was happy to get the news that you’re opening back up. Then I read the posts of everyone bitching and griping. why can’t they be happy for the opening date? Why are they so darn miserable. Stay home if it doesn’t suit you.

Posted by Brenda McCombs on

Some just like to bitch!

Posted by Kimberly J Pruitt on

I agree….People…you know that there will be smokers….I don’t smoke but I certainly think that is the choice of each individual to make. If you do not want to be around it…then simply stay home or go to a smoke free casino.

Posted by Patricia Coleman on

TELL ME WHERE THERE IS A TOTALLY SMOKE FREE CASINO … IN THE SOUTH ??? I frequent all the casinos in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida …. ??? WHICH ONES ARE SMOKE FREE !!

Posted by Paul on

Biloxi has smoke free. It’s Palace Casino unless it closed down.

Posted by Dano Tanner on

Its one thing thing to give yourself lung cancer but I dont smoke so I dont want to inhale smoke from you. Smoke outside. Thanks

Posted by Melva Wessner on

They have non-smoking casinos. Go to one.

Posted by Brenda McCombs on

That’s right!

Posted by Patsy Briley on

If you don’t like the rules stay at home !!!

Posted by Karen Hambrock on

We have just as much of a right to go to a casino as you do! You do not have the right to blow smoke and spittle in peoples faces whether they allow smoking or not!

Posted by Smoker on

There is also. Non smoking upstairs. If you are that afraid then maybe you need to keep your ass at home. Besides my spittle don’t stink

Posted by Brian Rickard on

Lisa …how dumb and self-centered . YOU want to dictate my health ????

Posted by Rhonda on

But yall are doing the same….no? There are non-smoking areas and whole floors as well as casinos for non-smokers… I go to them if I dont want to deal with smoke on the SMOKING areas. So why are yall advocating to ban smoking….? Why is it ok for only yall to dictate? Its their health and their choice.

Posted by Terri on

Smoking is my choice my habit and my right it’s not being selfish !! It’s a habit just like gambling they go together and alcohol which I don’t do but don’t bitch at people who do drink so I do agree with Rhonda

Posted by Georgia Robinson on

If only you non-smokers bitched about the lethal discharge of smoke and impurities coming from large corporations things might actually change with the general public’s health situation, but NO you have to pick on each individual smoker. Just more self-righteous non-smokers’ screaming for their rights…what about ours as smokers’

Posted by Debbie on

The non-smoking areas don’t have the top paying slots. Someone else’s smoking does affect my health- it’s a scientific fact. If I have a drink it has no affect on anyone else. Don’t be so obtuse

Posted by Anna on

I have to disagree with you, your drinking does bother me! You spill your drinks, you leave them between the machines, you get tipsy, you stumble around, and if you drink regularly it actually does seep through your pores and I find the smell nauseating.
There is always something that will annoy someone else, too much perfume, to much after shave or cologne.
If it annoys you, simply move to another machine or area.

Posted by Georgia Robinson on

I concur!

Posted by Glenn E Makin on

There has never been a documented case of second hand smoke giving someone else cancer but we have thousand of drunks killing innocent people every year. DANGER: You are being conditioned to view your freedom as selfish.

Posted by Louise on

If your too stupid and smoke ..its a proven cause if cancer..someone needs too!

Posted by Gary on

Not coming if I have to wear a mask how long is that going to be in effect

Posted by Lashawnda Criner on

Great looking forward to a night of quality ty

Posted by Rebecca Christion on

Can’t wait to get back!! I would love to get a room for two or three days!!

Posted by Carla on

Or a week! I am so tired of being cooped up! At the age to worry about getting it as have underlying heath issues, too. But, I would go if I have to bring my own disinfectant, and wear a hefty bag, with mask and gloves! Slot machines should be cleaned after each player. May seem extreme, but, this virus can live 3 days on those type of surfaces.

Posted by Rodney Winkler on

No Smoking Please!

Posted by Joe Purtle on

I’ll fix the anti-smoking suckers–I’ll lite a stogie and smoke them one after another–that smoke will help disinfect the joint, and kill those terrible casino, Mississippi mosquito’s.

Posted by Debbie on

Very mature Joe dumbass I mean Purtle

Posted by Rick on

Joe you are Certified MORON, please stay home!!!!!!!!

Posted by Brenda McCombs on

So funny. I hear ya!

Posted by ellen mann on

Agreed,we get sick everyone we come! Vaping okay

Posted by Patsy Briley on

Can people quit worrying about a darn Buffett . Eat a hot dog or hamburger. Everything will come in time.

Posted by Charles on

Please no smoking. Have some respect for your fellow gamblers.

Posted by Lara on

Go to non smoking area!!

Posted by Ronnie on

If, you don’t want to be around smokers either go to a non smoking area of stay at home. Smokers have the right to smoke.

Posted by Kim on

Housekeeping u think person will tell the tru about they health No!! So I Think they are the one who Should be scared This will be a disaster waiting to happen i am so scary for them and they family

Posted by Terri on

Smoking is my choice my habit and my right it’s not being selfish !! It’s a habit just like gambling they go together and alcohol which I don’t do but don’t bitch at people who do drink so I do agree with Rhonda

Posted by Debbie on

Smokers are going to promote smoking. Us non-smokers are going to promote non-smoking. Never going to change. But fact is your smoking does affect my health. If I have a drink that does not affect your health. Stupid argument.

Posted by Ronnie Knight on

You’re wrong. You need to check the numbers on how many people are killed or injured by people that have been drinking alcohol beverages.

Posted by Lara on

Most casinos now have smoke free areas this is where serious non smokers should play

Posted by June Posey on

I’m one of your old customers and haven’t been there in couple years, due to sickness. Don’t have any free comps anymore. If you will send a FREE ROOM, for one night, we will start coming back. I always go to Fitzgeralds & I love it there. I’de be happy for a free room at any of the casinos
Money is kindly tight right now.

Posted by June Askew on

Great job, maybe put scented lysol in the automotive sprayers to keep down germs also. I’m looking forward to visiting again and thanks for the heads-up.

Posted by Mookie on

I hope that mask’s will be mandatory! You smokers will smoke at your own risk!

Posted by Dewayne on

I don’t mind you get Ting cancer.I don’t want it or smell you.

Posted by Brad on

mostly non smokers commenting. Most casinos have more smokers and as far as the mask. You’ll have to remove that to drink also. If your scared stay home until the virus has passed

Posted by Donna on

Yup, if they ban smoking because people have to remove their mask to do it, then on the same grounds they would also have to ban drinking.

Posted by Brenda Henry on

Glad news to hear!!!! See u guys in June

Posted by Melissa on

When will bands be allowed to come back and play?

Posted by Emma on

Gaming, smoking and a drink all go together. If you don’t like any of it then you should stay at home.

Posted by Kathy on

Agree! Maybe they should have a small section for non smokers, but keep the smoking area!! I have hand sanitizer in my purse to use and will bring my own wipes to wipe down machines before I touch them and before I leave for next person.

Posted by Lisa J. on

Cant wait to get back down there. Had reservations for First week of May, had to cancel. Also had reservations at Viva Las Vegas in April, had to cancel it. I am so ready to come back to Mississippi!

Posted by Nancy Dushenski on

Will I be getting specials, such as free nights etc, since I live out of state? If not, I may as well just go to the casinos in my own state.

Posted by Betty Kern on

BETTY Make a smoking an non smoking ,but keep the smoking ,can not wait to come back.

Posted by Vera Gray on

Look forward to seeing you as soon as possible. Will the restaurants be open for service?

Posted by Janice on

So how has it been since the reopening?
Can’t wait to come back… we are planning on second weekend in June…

Posted by Ann on

I agree no smoking please

Posted by Diane Barker on

To those of you whom misinterpreted my post about smoking and vaping, we all have choices to make. Whether to visit a casino or not, whether to wear a mask or not, so on and so forth. My concern was actually for those who do not have such choices THE CASINO WORKERS! The misinterpretation however does speak volumes about the mindspace from which you come!

Posted by Janet Wheatley on

We can not wait to come on Wednesday, May 27th! I want to hit one of them jackpots that they have been paying out at the Fitz!

Posted by armstrong on

No smokeing on the main casino floor. Closed in room for those who want to smoke. Or go outside. Simple really I should not have to smell your smoke. No smokeing in all public buildings. If you want to smoke go out back.

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