The Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau is actively and carefully monitoring travel conditions in coordination with the Center for Disease Control, U.S. Travel Association, Mississippi State Department of Health, and local officials regarding COVID-19.  Our main priority is the health and safety of our visitors to Tunica, MS.  

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has announced the closure of all Mississippi casinos effective March 16, 2020 at midnight.  All activities at Tunica’s six casino resort properties will be suspended until further notice.

The Tunica Convention & Visitors Bureau will follow the lead of the Mississippi Gaming Commission and Visit Mississippi by temporarily closing the Gateway to the Blues Visitor Center & Museum until further notice.  We will continue monitoring the situation and announce plans for reopening when appropriate.

For continued updates and travel information regarding Tunica, please visit our website www.tunicatravel.com and follow our social media updates on Facebook www.facebook.com/tunicams and twitter @TunicaMS.

The latest information from health experts regarding COVID-19 can be found on these websites:

Coronavirus Hotline: The Mississippi State Department of Health is now operating a hotline for convenient answers to questions about COVID-19 by phone. Mississippi Coronavirus Hotline (8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday): 877-978-6453

Posted by Carl Nunn on

I really don’t understand the siege mentality everybody gets in these days. We either come in contact with the virus or we don’t, even picking up our mail or handling money–getting in a panic isn’t gonna help anything.

Posted by William Stewart on

When is the casinos going to reopen

Posted by Rodney Winkler on

Very good point. People need to stop panicking over this and watch how fast it goes away.

Posted by Rachel Johnson on

You’re exactly right! It is senseless to close down business when some are already hurting financially. So now what, we all should walk around in protective bubbles? Please stop the insanity and let’s get back to normalcy.

Posted by Virginia Geoffrion on

Apparently you haven’t heard about all of the deaths happening from this freaking virus. You are a frickin idiot. If you want to catch the coronavirus, be everyone’s guest; but if you get it I hope that you are able to get over it. Most likely you will die.

Posted by M JF on

While I agree it’s a concern, that the likelihood you would die if you catch it is a MISSTATEMENT. DON’T EXAGGERATE and add to the panic. Nobody wants the virus but the majority of people who contract it will NOT DIE.

Posted by R Mosley on

Clearly none of you have degrees in epidemiology or hold any position in the health care industry or you would know how and when to stfu and stay in your lane. Just looking at the evolution of the messages here is a clear indication you were misinformed from the start and instead of being a part of the solution you made yourselves a part of the problem.
In time, yes, things will get back to “normal”. You’ll go off spouting about how you would run the world if you had the chance or what ever it is arm chair quarterbacks do. Maybe, will a little divine intervention the virus will have touched your lives closely and personally spreading a little empathy in it’s wake.

Posted by julie hays on

you can always tell who the educated, tolerant liberals are by their tolerant reactions to EVERYTHING

Posted by Dan Haller on

The media is blowing it way out of proportion!

Posted by Bruce Kiggins on

Exactly, more people are dying from influenza than coronavirus. People hoarding has gotten irritating.

Posted by Lonna S on

I hope that all of our sacrifices are based on true science, and that we’re not being used as political pawns.
That said, I sincerely pray that this isn’t worse than some of the nasty flu going around.

Posted by Shirley and joe clayton on

I really miss our tunica casinos hope to be able to come back later this year.

Posted by Jimmy on

Everyone stay safe. Better to error on the side of caution. If you are a senior and/or in a high risk group – STAY HOME!

Posted by A. C. on

I think you made the right decision to close all of the casinos in Mississippi. Very little is known about the coronaviris and we cannot assume that it is not going to affect us in the future. It is much better to be safe than sorry. I am sure when this is under control , the casinos will be up and running again. This is not the fault of the casinos so don’t blame them for closures. This is from the government and issued by the president of the United States.

Posted by Bruce Kiggins on

You forgot about all the people without income, hurting in every way. A $1200 government check is NOT going to help them.

Posted by Anthony Olszewski on

It was only one of our Vacations. I feel sorry for all of the employees and their families affected by this! We will be back when it’s safe for everyone!

Posted by joseph L. garcia on

we were going to Hollywood casino next month, let me know before we go ok. also a few comps will help. thank you.

Posted by Wanda Ellery on

This is insane what about flus,heart disease, lung problems diabetes ,murders that happen everyday It is a man made virus and there will not be any cure until they stop manufactoring these problems

Posted by Virginia Geoffrion on

You are a stupid frickin cunt. You need to start reading the information coming from the CDC, national institutes of health, and the world health organization. But then again, you are too stupid to read anything. You are probably a stupid Donald Trumper conservative, so that will explain your ignorance. I pray that you get the virus, and then you can tell us how fake this fucking thing is. Dumb ass.

Posted by Debbie Henderson on

I totally agree with the closures……Better safe than sorry!!!

Posted by Patsy Perez on

Sorry they had to close Sams but it is better to be safe than sorry. Please keep me informed

Posted by Karen on

Good move!!! Proud of you for doing this!!!

Posted by OLEN RICE on


Posted by Terry on

After reading some of the comments I can see why this Virus will be hard to contain, until they get their heads out of their Ass’s thinking that closing the casinos isn’t fair and they don’t have to worry are the ones that will spread the virus.. the only way to stop it is to stop being so Stupid… There’s more things in life then your Stupidity.. this will blow over and things will get better only if we All do the right thing and listen to the people that are trying to Stop it so we don’t become a country of the Dead… WAKE THE HELL UP BEFORE IT’S TO LATE…..

Posted by Elaine Hosford on

Your so right !!! Things happen in life that we have no control over and this is one thing that we can all do what is needed to save lives. If it is one of your loved ones that dies from this awful virus , maybe then you will think different about what we are asked to do. we should be praying and doing all we can do to keep us all safe….. God help us all !!!

Posted by Yvonne Kilis on

Kudos to all of the great people who work at the Fitz!!! You made checkout as painless as possible!!! Maybe a St Patrick’ s party later??? Stay safe people!!!

Posted by eugene wieczorek on

keep us informed.

Posted by AJ Jones on

Thank you Tunica for Doing What’s Best! This Monster needs to be stopped ASAP & without a doubt this is a step in the right direction. Those that think not, would be the first to try & take legal action once they test positive or take the virus home to Grandma! The sooner we slow this thing down, the sooner we get back to Our New Normal! The sooner we contain it, the more of us will survive it & live to see 2021 This virus is no joke people, & the sooner we all recognize & except this fact, the sooner we find ourselves out of this mess. God Bless Us All, & let’s all us all help to beat this thing ASAP.

Posted by John Palmer on

The amount of people getting their news and information from Facebook never ceases to amaze. Maybe this latest round of natural selection will thin the herd.

Posted by Sandy Roys on

Are the casino campgrounds available during this closure?

Posted by Marianne Lee on

We always came down the last week in March for my birthday,but we will have a double party later in the year. All of you stay safe & thanks for keeping us updated!

Posted by JC on

If this affects your area like the flood did a few years back…. your casinos will never recover…
Hope this isn’t the case … I have many enjoyable memories and hope for many more in the future..
Stay safe

Posted by Charlie on

Our main priority is the health and safety of our visitors to Tunica, MS…..this is not true! If health and safety were a priority, you would have prohibited smoking in the casinos years ago. You continue to expose casino employees and patrons to unhealthful smokey conditions. Just ask any of the health organizations you cite above.

Posted by geraldine parrish on

thanks for the up date

Posted by Kathy Metz on

Haven’t been to Tunica since I lost my husband, we would try to come every month. When this blows over I will be in NEED of a weekend away. Hope to see you then. Thanks and keep us posted

Posted by Benny Wilbourn on

Praying that all our friends in the Tunica Ms. area stay safe and well during the shut downs!! Looking forward to a trip back to the Casinos when all is well again!!

Posted by Alan Phillips on

I work in a large hospital complex in Michigan, one of the highest states with covid-19. I walk by bodies waiting for morgue space to open up. This is a world wide pandemic and as much as I enjoy going to Tunica several times during the year, anyone not taking this pandemic seriously and not keeping social distancing, stay at home and wearing masks is putting their own life and the lives of people they come in contact with in danger and quite possibly death.

Posted by Alice M Tubbs on

The Casinos are suffering gigantic losses which equates to the entire state of Ms being affected also. Tunica heavily depends upon revenue from the casinos and the people working at the casinos are suffering also. Hopefully the Pandemic will be cleared soon. However, we should remain alert in taking care of ourselves while taking into consideration the health of those whom we will come in contact with. I suggest we continue wearing masks through June 2020 and commend the gaming Commission and all of the MS Casinos for being proactive by closing the casinos to prevent an inevitable spread of the deadly COVID 19.

Posted by Charles W Miller on

These people that are saying ” Open everything up “, are the same ones that would go to the beach, see a bunch of great whites swimming around and say ” Lets go for a swim”. Keep the casino’s closed until the medical people say it is safe.

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