Place Your Bets For The Big Game In Tunica

February 3, 2019 – Super Bowl Sunday, It’s been the most anticipated day of the year here in Tunica since the US Supreme Court cleared the way for legalized sports betting this past May.  Luckily, Mississippi had already legalized sports wagering in anticipation of the courts ruling and Tunica’s casino resort properties began accepting bets at the start of the college football season.

The opening and first bets placed at each of Tunica’s six sports books were all landmark events and cause for celebration but, the biggest event was yet to come – the Super Bowl. When the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots take the field in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII this Sunday, Tunica will host thousands of visitors here to take part in the largest sports betting day in America.  Hundreds of millions of dollars will be bet on everything from the length of the National Anthem to which team will score the last field goal or touchdown.

Atlanta is the official host of Super Bowl LIII but the real action on Sunday can be found in one of Tunica’s six sports books.  If you don’t have tickets to the big game, we invite you to visit us here in Tunica for our Super Bowl I.

Here is a sample of the proposition bets that can be found in Tunica on Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Total Points Scored by Patriots
  • Total Points Scored by Rams
  • Opening Coin Toss
  • First Team to Score in Game
  • Team to Win Coin Toss
  • First Score of Game will Be – Touchdown, Field Goal/Safety
  • Which Happens First for Patriots – Score or Punt
  • Which Happens First for Rams – Score or Punt
  • Defense to Record First Sack
  • Total Number of Sacks
  • First Team to Score 10 or More Points
  • Team with Most Penalty Yards
  • First Turnover of Game will be – Interception or Fumble
  • Defense to Record First Interception
  • Team to Commit First Turnover
  • Team to Make First Field Goal
  • Shortest Touchdown Yardage
  • Longest Touchdown Yardage
  • Wil Game Have a Safety
  • Will Game go to Overtime
  • Will There Be an Attempted 2pt. Conversion
  • Will There Be a successful 2 pt. Conversion
  • Will there be Score in the Last 2 Minutes of First Half
  • Wil there Be a Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown
  • Jersey Number of Player to Score 1st Touchdown — Over/Under 28.5
  • Last Score of First Half will Be – Touchdown – Any other Score
  • Will There be a Missed Extra Point Kick
  • Will there be a Scoreless Quarter
  • Will First Team to Score Win Game
  • Will Game be Decided by Exactly 3 points
  • Final Margin of Victory more than 9.5 points
  • Will Patriots Score a Rushing Touchdown
  • Will Rams Score a Rushing Touchdown
  • Will Both Teams Make a 33+ yard Field Goal
  • Total Touchdowns Scored in The Game
  • Total Number of Interceptions Thrown
  • Total Number of Fumbles Lost
  • Team to Score Last in First Half
  • Last Team to Score in Game
  • Last Score of Game Will Be – Touchdown – Field Goal/Safety
  • Will Last Team to Score Win Game
  • Longest Made Field Goal
  • Shortest Made Field Goal
  • Total Number of Field Goals Made
  • Total Combined Yardage of al Made Field Goals
  • Will Either Team Score 3 Unanswered Times
  • Will Either Team Score 4 Unanswered Times
  • First Half Winner / Game Winner

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Do Tunica Sports book accept total season win bets?

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