Is House Edge Affected by Length of Play?

 Is House Edge Affected by Length of Play?

Table games players have their own styles and preferences. One of the divisions is between those who will play all night and those who prefer short sessions.

In the long run, the house edge remains the same. You can’t change it by playing shorter or longer times. That’s something I explained not long ago to a player who was having luck playing short sessions. He asked about the house edge in short vs. long sessions.

As it happens, there’s nothing in the math of the game that makes it more likely for you to win in multiple short sessions than in fewer longer sessions. If you’re playing under rules that give the house a 1 percent edge and you bet a total of $10,000, then you can expect average losses of $100 regardless of whether you bet the $10,000 in one marathon session or 10 short sessions.

On average, the house edge is the same regardless of whether you play for 30 minutes or five hours. Of course, the house edge does vary with the count, as card counters know, but the times when the edge is higher than usual and the times when the edge is lower than usual or even swings in the players favor balance out over time. Advantage players counter that by betting more when they have the edge and betting less or leaving the table when the edge swings toward the house.

As a practical matter for a non-counter, the house edge is the same and your average result per hour will be the same regardless of the length of your sessions.

That being said, if you feel like you’re getting better results with shorter sessions, then by all means, continue to play shorter sessions. Playing short sessions won’t hurt you vs. the house edge, it will keep your investment per session small, and it may give you an edge in keeping your concentration sharp and avoiding fatigue.

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Is it smart to raise your bet when your on a roll. Table games say 3 card poker.

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