Should You Try Your Hand at Craps?

 Should You Try Your Hand at Craps?

Games work for casinos only if customers will actually play them. A game that seems too complicated or that intimidates players won’t do its job of encouraging wagering.

Craps has a reputation of being difficult for newcomers to learn yet is the second most popular table game behind blackjack. Everybody who plays was a beginner at one time. I asked some craps players how they learned.

GARY: I never even thought about not knowing the rules. It looked like people were having fun, so I bought in and gave it a try. I’d played mostly blackjack and some slots before that, but after craps, I’ve never looked back.

It did take a little bit to catch on, but not that long. I asked a guy next to me what I should do, and he said, “This isn’t a comeout. Just bet 6 and 8, kid.” So I did. I put some chips out, told the dealer 6 and 8, he put the right amount down and gave me back the rest.

Explanations came as we played. A little later, the same guy said, “Now it’s a comeout. Bet on pass,” and pointed to the pass line. I didn’t get it at first, but it only took a couple of points before I picked it right up.

Really, it’s not that hard. More people should just wing it.

COLIN: Maybe I’m not the one to ask about this. I grew up playing craps, so I knew how to play before I ever saw a casino.

Some might say it was a misspent childhood. My grandma certainly did. She used to give my grandpa an earful when she’d find he had the dice out with me, my brother and my sister. He’d just laugh and say, “Aw, they have to learn sometime.” Then he’d put the dice away, but bring them back out next time we were over.

My mom and dad never said anything about it. I found out years later that my dad played, although he never played with us. Grandpa had taught him, too.

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