Throwback Thursday: Slot Player Favorites

 Throwback Thursday: Slot Player Favorites

Every year, slot machine manufacturers roll out dozens of new games, and I’ll be featuring several coming attractions next month.

Before we ring in the new, though, let’s ring out a few old. I asked some of my slot-playing readers to tell me about old favorites that are long gone but they wish they could still play.

CAROLYN: Yahtzee, the first time around when you used to be able to select dice to hold twice after the original roll, like in the regular dice game. There was some skill to that, and I loved it.

MARY: I miss the ones where you had those bonuses on the little screen up top. You still played a three-reel game with Double Diamond or Red White and Blue, but on this other screen there would be 7s racing. If you got a blue 7 on the reels, it would advance the blue 7 in the race. It was a nice extra when one of the 7s won the race and you got the bonus.

VAL: I miss the Slotto games. Remember those? They were three-reel games and on top they had a blower with those numbered lottery-style balls. That’s where you’d win your bonuses, on the Slotto part.

Some of them were really clever. I remember one was Popcorn, with the machine made up like an old-time popcorn wagon and the Slotto balls in yellow to mimic buttery popcorn. It was all kind of gimmicky, but fun.

FRANCIS: Piggy Bankin’ — I loved that game. I guess it would be pretty primitive now. It was three reels, and the bonus was just dots on a black screen.

There was nothing like it then. When you got the reel symbol to break the bank and the animation would have a hammer shatter the piggy on the screen to give you the coins inside, that was exciting.

Maybe nobody would notice it now, but maybe it could be retro chic. Anyway, I miss it.

LOUISE: Is it too soon to say I miss The Hangover? I know that’s not that long ago, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore.

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