Slot Stories from the Floor

 Slot Stories from the Floor

Slot players love to share their stories when they win, and readers have contributed a couple of recent tales from their early days of playing.

First, let’s hear from Anna, who said she had a beginner’s luck story.

“My husband and I had never gambled before, not even at card games at home,” Anna said. But some friends finally convinced us to go with them.

“We just followed them around, and I stopped at a Monopoly game. Monopoly I’d played before, and that board on top drew me in.

“It wasn’t even five minutes, and there was this fanfare and the board lit up. These dice started rolling and moving me around the board, and I kept winning properties. At the end, I even won Boardwalk!

“It was almost the first bet I’d made in my life, and I’d won more than $500! Exciting!”

Jared was also on a first casino trip, with his wife Britt.

“We had a really good time and even won some money,” he said.

Time was short, and Britt was ready to go. But Jared wanted to try one last thing.

“I’d read that dollar slots paid more, so I thought I’d try. I don’t even remember what game, but on the first pull, I won $40. On the second pull, I won another $40. My wife decided she’d play a little more after all and took $20, but she exchanged for quarters.

“When I started losing, I quit with the first $40 in profit. She lost $10, but we still left $30 ahead for that one last fling.”

I asked Jared how long ago this was, since he was talking about dollars and quarters and not penny slots. Were they playing three-reel games?

“Right,” he said, “Three reels. This was about 20 years ago, and I think video was just starting to come in. And you’re right. Today, we’d probably both be playing pennies.”

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