Winning Early vs Winning Late

 Winning Early vs Winning Late

When you go on a casino overnight trip, especially one that’s going to last two or three days, would you rather get a big win early in the trip or late?

Early, and all the pressure’s off your budget. You can play to your heart’s content. Late, and you’re sure of bringing the big bucks home.

Of course, winning any time is terrific, but given a choice, here’s what some players had to say:

Anna: Oooooooh, I get a choice? Then I want the money early, please. That way I have a chance to win more.

Do you remember the Fort Knox penny slots? Within the first half hour that my mom, sister and I were playing, I won one of the progressives for a little more than $800. I put my original $500 in the room safe, not to be touched until we were going home.

It gave me the chance to try a lot of games. My mom always loved the three-reel slots. They weren’t my thing, but I played with her for a while on a dollar game. I won a $5,000 jackpot! That never would have happened if I hadn’t won early.

Chaz: I had a great streak of late comebacks. One trip, I was down $500 and drew a royal on the last day. The next time, I held my own for most of three days but probably still was down a couple of hundred until the last night. Then I playing Deuces on Triple Play and got four 2s on the deal for $750.

The time after that, I got two royals on the last day and came home with a $1,500 profit. Winning any time is good, but winning late and bringing the money home is fantastic.

Sally: Early, late, in between. I don’t care. Just give me the money. There are enough trips where the wins never come that any big win is welcome. My biggest? I won $20,000 once on a Double Diamond progressive. It was on the first day of a three-day trip, but I’d have been excited any time it happened.

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