Old-School Frogger Lives in Video Slots

 Old-School Frogger Lives in Video Slots

In a new wave of video slots with skill-based bonuses, we can expect to see some based on old-school arcade games in an attempt to appeal to multiple generations.

One coming attraction video gamers will want to give a try is Konami Gaming’s Frogger, which takes one of the most popular arcade games of all time and brings it to casinos in retro style, though with high-grade graphics, animation and resolution.

On the slots, there are two Frogger themes: Great City Wilds and Woodland Wilds. Both have four-level progressive jackpots, but the bonus gamers will anticipate most eagerly is the Frogger bonus.

Those who have played Frogger in arcades and on home gaming systems will remember the object of the game. You had to guide the frogs to their lily pad homes, dodging obstacles along the way. The frogs had to cross a busy highway, then had to navigate a stream while being careful to avoid alligator jaws.

With a strong tie to the arcade game, the Frogger bonus will be instant nostalgia for longtime players and fun for everyone. It launches randomly with a mystery trigger, and it takes you to the classic Frogger course, crossing roads and rivers – watch out for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles, and for goodness sake, don’t get squashed by a bulldozer.

You get three lives at the start of the bonus as you collect credits and get a chance at the progressive jackpots.

It’s a splendid time for anyone who loves creative video slot bonuses, but it’s extra fun for those with fond Frogger memories.

You can expect more in coming years from Konami, which has a terrific library of hit games from arcades and home gaming systems. Through its Konami Holdings parent company, Konami Gaming has access to a great catalog of popular arcade games. We started to see them adapted for casino play a couple of years ago with the debut of Neo Contra, based on Contra.

Now it’s Frogger’s turn to make the leap from video game fun to the wagering pond.

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