Be Surprised And Delighted At The New Spa At Horseshoe

 Be Surprised And Delighted At The New Spa At Horseshoe

Surprise and delight is the standard at the recently opened Spa at Horseshoe and there is no doubt that you will experience both when you visit. The spa is the perfect way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Once you walk through the spa doors, you will soon forget the kids crying, husband complaining and your boss yelling to have those reports done.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the new spa and had a hard time choosing how I wanted to be pampered. There are so many options to choose from, but I decided on a massage in the Amber and Quartz Crystal bed, it’s only one of two in the world, and the Elemis pro–collagen facial.

 The massage was first and I was a bit skeptical of this new bed. Everyone I had talked to said that when the massage was over you felt energized and  like a new person,  they were right. The bed is made up of thousands of tiny Amber and Quartz beads which are heated.  When you lay in the bed you feel like  you are on a deserted beach sinking your toes in the warm sand.  The massage therapist was wonderful making  sure I was comfortable and relaxed the entire time.  There are some special treats that you will experience when you book a massage on the Amber and Quartz bed but I will let you find those out for yourself, that’s part of the surprise and delight.

 My next service was the Elemis pro-collagen facial. I haven’t had a facial in years and lets face it, I am not getting any younger. This facial adds  collagen back into your  face and improves firmness and plumps out those pesky little lines.  When I booked my appointment I didn’t realize that along with the facial came an amazing  head,shoulders and neck massage, a delightful surprise, so I was well massaged by the end of the day.  When the  treatment was over and I looked in a mirror my skin was glowing. I will definitely be back for another.

The Spa at Horseshoe is not just massages and facials, they are a full service salon with hair, nails, waxing and even men’s services.  Plan to spend  as much time as you want, the staff is on hand the entire time to assist with anything you might need including champagne and mimosas. For more  information about the Spa at Horseshoe click here or book your spa experience today by calling 662-357-4032.



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