Casino Dealers Can Make Your Day

 Casino Dealers Can Make Your Day

Helpful, cheerful dealers can make anybody’s day at the casino more pleasant. It’s especially important with novice players who are just trying to feel their way through the game.

Jackie is one of those novices, and she wrote me to say, “I used to play only slots. I still play mostly slots, but mix in some blackjack. My husband told me you win more at blackjack, and he taught me at home so I’d have some idea at the table.

“The first time I played in a casino, my husband was with me, and he was trying to coach me on when to hit. It was in the daytime and there really weren’t many players. There was only one at the table when we started, and one more joined in a little later. So it was pretty relaxed.”

Adding to the relaxed atmosphere was Al, an older man who was dealing the cards. Jackie said he put her at ease.

“I was obviously nervous, and he tried to get me to calm down. He asked, ‘Is this your first time, sweetheart? Well, take your time and enjoy. We’re not going anywhere.”’

“If I struggled with a hand, especially with splits or double downs, I’d look to my husband and he’d nod yes or shake his head no. Al told us, “It’s OK. You can ask him what to do, at least this time.” The other players were good about it too. They didn’t really seem to mind that I was slowing their game down. Sometimes, when my husband just told me what to do, one of the others would add an explanation, so that was nice.”

Jackie didn’t win money that day. She thinks she lost about $20 of a $100 buy-in, but she left feeling good about the experience.

“When we left, I gave Al a $5 chip. He thanked me and said I really didn’t have to, then he said, ‘It gets better, love. Some say the first time is the best, but really, it gets better when you know what to do.’”

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