Pappy Van Winkle At Jack Binions Tunica

 Pappy Van Winkle At Jack Binions Tunica

Some people would go as far as saying that Pappy Van Winkle is like the unicorns of bourbons.  With it’s smooth aged to perfection taste and only 7-8,000 bottles released each year you would probably agree.  You will find Pappy on many fine restaurants and bars drink menus, but most likely it’s followed by when available and most of the time its not.

When I heard that Jack Binion’s Steakhouse at Horseshoe had the elusive Pappy Van Winkle I had to try it.  They have bottles of the 12-year and 10-year so I thought why not, I will try both.  I will say that there was a distinct difference in the two bottles. As expected I think the 12-year was much smoother with less bite, but I am not picky and given the opportunity again I would drink either of them as they were both very tasty.  Even the bartender who had stated that she does not drink brown liquor tried them and thoroughly enjoyed both. 

So this holiday season head over to Horseshoe and treat yourself to something special, and at $35 and $55 a pour (which sounds pricey, but for a rare bourbon this is a steal) you will still have money left to buy gifts for everyone on your list.



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