New Simpsons and Seinfeld Slots are Coming

 New Simpsons and Seinfeld Slots are Coming

Every year, I try out new games at the Global Gaming Expo and write about a few highlights. Most of the slot games are things you’ll see in casinos in the next few months.

That’s what I assumed would happen last year with The Simpsons slot from Scientific Games. It was one of the hits of the show, with people crowded around to try it out all week.

So I was taken aback when I arrived at Scientific Games’ booth at the 2016 expo in Las Vegas and was once again steered to The Simpsons.

It seems the video slot machine was shown to the long-running animated TV favorite’s producers, and while they liked the game, they thought their own people could improve on the graphics and animation.

They did just that. The Simpsons slot you’ll be seeing soon has game elements I described last year, with multiple video screens, bonuses based on characters, even a motion sensor so you can use your hand to catch the sprinkles of Homer’s doughnuts. But now it also has gorgeous, TV-worthy graphics and animation.

The Simpson’s slot is an eye-catching beauty, one slot players are going to want to try as soon as they see it.

That motion sensor also is used in another big-name slot from Scientific Games: Seinfeld.

You’ll find Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer and the gang in clips from the popular TV comedy, especially in bonus events.

In one, you use the motions sensor to grab the Festivus pole while Jerry Stiller as Frank Costanza announces, “A new holiday is born: Festivus for the rest of us.” When you have the pole, it launches the Festivus free spins.

Then there’s the Soup Nazi bonus. Larry Thomas, who played the Soup Nazi on TV, was brought in to record new video for the slot. Cartons of soup roll by on a conveyor, each revealing bonus credits or a trip to the bonus wheel as Thomas intones, “Split pea,” “Chicken and matzoh,” and other soups. Finally a carton signals the end of the round, and you get a final word from the Soup Nazi, including the famed  “No soup for you!”

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