Video Poker Players’ Favorites

 Video Poker Players’ Favorites

One fundamental difference between video poker players and slot machine players is that video poker players are a loyal bunch, sticking with the same games year after year, while slot players are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest.

Hundreds of slot games come and go every year. Video poker favorites such as Double Double Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild and Bonus Poker Deluxe are into their third decade and going strong.

I asked a group of video poker players for their favorite games, and what it was about the games that kept them coming back.

EDD: I have different games I like for different situations. On single-hand games, I like Bonus Poker Deluxe. I like getting that 400-coin pay on any four of a kind.

I play some Triple Play, and there I like Bonus Poker (with a 2-for-1 payoff on two pairs). With a 15-coin bet, I like that two pair once will get me most of the bet back with 10 coins, twice means a profit with 20 coins and three times means I double my money at 30 coins.

TRIP: It has to be Double Double Bonus, doesn’t it? That’s what I play and what all my video poker friends play. It’s that 2,000-coin payoff when you get four Aces plus the low card kicker. I almost always play quarters, and that’s a nice $500 pay.

One time, I was having a good day and had extra money, so I decided to play Five Play. You know what happened? I got DEALT four Aces and a 3. I got the $500 five times over. That’s the most I’ve ever won.

BRIDGET: The game that drew me into video poker was Double Bonus Poker. I’d always been a slot player. My son kept telling me I should switch to video poker, but I never felt you could win anything.

Then Double Bonus came out, and I gave it a try. Right away, I got four Kings, and they were worth 250. That wasn’t bad. And then a little later I got the Ace. That was 800 quarters, so $200. To me, that was more like it. You might not wn the big jackpot, but you could still shoot for $200 and feel like you won something.

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