Great Slot Machine Themes

 Great Slot Machine Themes

Slot machine themes have become important factors for those of us who play the games, those who design them and those who sell them to us.

A great theme will attract players to the game. A great them used well will keep us coming back for more.

Of the thousands of slot themes we’ve seen over the decades, which ones were used best? Which really captured the feel and fun of the source? I asked slot players for their opinions.

BOB: The Walking Dead has to be right up there. Holy cow, that could get as bloody as the TV show.  Thing is, you WANTED it to get bloody. The zombie horde would start stalking across the screen, and you wanted them to leave wild symbols behind. Sometimes there’d be a gunshot and blood would splatter from a zombie, and the blood would become wild symbols. I’m a pretty laid-back guy, not bloodthirsty at all, but when I played Walking Dead, I wanted those splatters all over the place.

CARLA: Elvis, Elvis, Elvis! I can listen to “Hound Dog” all night. “Don’t Be Cruel,” give me more Elvis! The original Elvis slot on reels was great, but the later video ones with all the music in the bonuses were even better. The more music the better.  I can’t help falling in love with Elvis!

BEV: This is going back. This was a three-reel game. Lucy and the Chocolate Factory. It’s the only game I remember that used smells, and sometimes it smelled luck chocolate and sometimes it didn’t, but it was fun when was working right. Lucy still makes me laugh, even in reruns after all these years, and the chocolate factory episode is one of the best ones. Putting chocolate smells in the game I thought was really, really funny.

HEATHER: I’ve always liked Wheel of Fortune, and I still play the three-reel progressives. With the click sounds on the wheel, the “doot-DOOT” sounds while you wait for the wheel to spin, the audience chanting “WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!” — it all just feels right.

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