When Asking for Advice Gets Annoying

 When Asking for Advice Gets Annoying

I may have mentioned before, I don’t offer advice while playing. If someone asks me, I’ll answer, but I’m not one to routinely weigh in on decisions that belong to others.

But what do you do if someone is asking for advice on EVERY hand? That’s the situation reader Leo encountered.

He’d get 16 and the dealer would have a high card, and he’d say, ‘I’m supposed to hit this, right?’ People would say, ‘Yeah, you have to hit that,’ and he’d make the play.

 “Thing is, he seemed to know basic strategy. He kept asking the questions, but he would always have the right play in mind when he asked. He could never have said a word, made the same plays and no one would have thought twice. As it was, asking on every hand, he kind of walked the fine line between kind of funny and kind of annoying.”

Apparently “kind of annoying” won out. Leo said the turning point game when the player was dealt two face cards while the dealer had a 6 face up. Basic strategy there is to play your 20 and not split the pair.

According to Leo, “He said, ‘You all think I’m supposed to stand on the 20, right?’ And everybody told him of course he was right. One lady said, ‘Never split 10s’ and another dude said, ‘That’s right, you never split 10s.’

The dealer was all ready to move to the next player when this dude says, ‘You all agree? Well, you’re ALL WRONG! Split those puppies!’ And he put out another bet.”

Needless to say, it caught everyone by surprise.

“Everybody was shocked,” Leo said. “The dealer did a double take and a triple take, and called out to the supervisors, ‘Player splits 10s!’ A pit boss walked over to watch the hand.”

The player won one split hand and busted the other. All other players won when the dealer busted.

One good thing came of it, Leo said. It was the beginning of the end to the advice requests.

“On the next hand another player told him, ‘Play your own cards,’ and that was that,” Leo said.” Nobody would answer him anymore.”

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