Stories From The Casino Floor – Part 2

 Stories From The Casino Floor – Part 2

I like to share readers’ stories of their best days in the casinos. Here’s one that wasn’t a huge win, but the price was right.

A woman was out with her some friends, and each had $10 in free play to start the day.

“We were trying to decide what to do with the free play, and one of the ladies said, ‘I’m just going to play for pennies.’ I took the machine next to her. It was Black Knight. It had 30 lines, and I was betting 60 cents a spin.

“On my very first spin, I got the three special symbols and got seven free spins. On the first spin, I got the knight wild symbol on the second reel. It expands up and down and is held in place for the rest of the spins. On the third spin, I got another one on the third reel, and the on the fourth spin I got one on the fourth spin.

“So now all the symbols on the middle three reels were wild and for the remaining spins I was going to get at least four of a kind with any of the first reel symbols, and five of a kind if something on the first and fifth reels matched.

“I never got any of the big symbols, the king, the queen or the jester, but I did get the crown on the first reel, and that was a good payer. I got five of a kind with sceptors, and that was great! The credits just kept rolling up and rolling up.

“When it was over, I’d won 10,800 credits. That’s $108 with my first 60 cents of free play on a penny machine. I played the rest of my free play and got another $7. Then I told my friend, ‘I’ll never beat that,’ and I cashed out and looked for another game.

“The rest of the day, I lost a little, but I still had $92, all from free play.”

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