Do Something Different In Tunica, Mississippi

 Do Something Different In Tunica, Mississippi

It’s nice to escape the monotony of a typical weekend and do something different. It’s even nicer when my friends and I can take a little road trip, and maybe raise a little hell in the process. Tunica offers that escape—a nice change of pace that can recharge the battery and help me remember how to get the most out of that short, precious window of time that exists between Friday after work and Monday morning.

Gambling GroupTest Your Luck

What would a trip to Tunica be without testing my luck? With eight casinos and hundreds of thousands of square feet of gaming space, it’s safe to say I have choices when it comes to what to play and where to play it. I can find all of my favorite games like slots, poker, roulette, etc. But if I’m in the mood for something that gets my blood pumping and heart racing, I turn to the fast-paced, high-energy casino staples: black jack and craps where I can feel the cards and touch my chips. There’s, quite simply, nothing like being surrounded by a table of excited, animated people, all with the same mission, and knowing that one card or roll of the dice can change everyone’s night. (If you’re a newbie at craps or black jack—or just intimidated at the prospect of being surrounded by that many people—don’t sweat it. These handy how-to guides and this detailed black jack strategy will have you feeling like a pro in no time.)

Gold Strike Ten10 Wine Whiskey

Grab a Drink (preferably a fancy one)

When I’m in Tunica, I want to live it up like the high rollers, even if my bank account would like to disagree with me. Which doesn’t matter if I’m already playing in Tunica because drinks are on house as long as your gambling. I usually like to stop off at the Sports Bar at Bally’s or one of the many stage bars when I step away from the table for a minute, but one of my favorite places in Tunica is the new, super-swanky Ten10 Wine & Whiskey bar, which offers a big selection of beer and wine, classic cocktails and signature drinks in a relaxed, stylish atmosphere. Plus, it has an expansive bar with video poker, in case I want to play a few hands. Ah, the finer things in life.

Concert Venue CrowdSee a Show

Tunica has some of the best venues in the area, like Bluesville at Horseshoe and the Millennium Theatre at Gold Strike. As a result, they get a diverse roster of talent throughout the year, from rock ‘n’ roll legends to country-music superstars and the hottest comedians. The hardest choice usually isn’t deciding whether or not to see a show; it’s which one. For a complete list of upcoming entertainment, click here.


Sometimes it’s refreshing to get out of the casino and enjoy the beauty of the Delta while playing a little golf with my friends (and hopefully winning). Fortunately, Tunica has some of the nicest, and most rewarding, courses around. Tunica National and River Bend Links each offer their fair share of challenges and won’t cause me to lose a whole box of balls—most of the time. It’s hard to pick a favorite, which is why my friends and I have even been known to squeeze in nine holes at each course during an afternoon.

So the next time you and your friends need a weekend away, Tunica’s your best bet because WE GOT IT!

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