Stories From The Tunica Mississippi Casinos Floor

 Stories From The Tunica Mississippi Casinos Floor

From time to time, readers send me stories about unusual things that have happened to them in casinos. I always find them fun to read, and I hope you will, too.

Gordon: My dad always splits 10s if the dealer has a 6 up. You know and I know he has a bigger edge if he just plays his 20, but he’s my 75-year-old dad and I’m never going to be able to convince him of that.

One day we were playing, and he split his 10s against a 6 and wound up with a 14 and 15. The dealer made 18, so dad lost both hands. A little later, he did it again. This time he managed an 18 and a 20, but the dealer pulled 21.

This one guy down the table was giving him the eye, but didn’t say anything. Finally, I got the 20 against a dealer 6, and I signaled to stand. The guy down the table said, “You’re his son, right?” I nodded. He said, “And you’re not going to split?” I said no, I wasn’t. And he finally said to my dad, “Hey old block, you ought to learn something from Chip here.”

Our whole family has been calling dad “old block” ever since.

Eileen: I love craps, and I’m not shy at all. There have been lots of times when I was the only woman at the table. Mostly the guys are great about it.

This one time, though, the shooter went point-7, no winners, and it was my turn. I put my pass bet down, and the guy who’d sevened out said, “Don’t be nervous, honey, easy does it.”

I told him I’d played this game before, and wasn’t at all nervous. I rolled a 7, and all the pass bettors won. Again, this guy tells me not to be nervous. I just shrugged it off, and then the numbers started coming.

All through this, I keep hearing, “Just relax, you’re doing good.”

I finally snapped. “Is that relax method what you used?”

A little churlish, I suppose, but the whole table laughed, he turned beet red and left me to it.

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