New Money Rain Slot Machines

 New Money Rain Slot Machines

Incredible Technologies has been manufacturing and distributing slot machines only since 2010, and it doesn’t have the huge market share of slot giants IGT, Bally, WMS Gaming or Aristocrat.

What it does have are creative games with a difference, chock full of entertainment value for players.

Take Money Rain, IT’s current hit that’s proved popular with players in its strongholds in the South, Midwest and California – IT doesn’t yet distribute in the East, and its distribution in Nevada is limited.

Here are just some of the features that make Money Rain different:

**Money Rain uses a video representation of a split-flip display. The reels don’t spin. Instead, on each new play, each of the 15 symbols on the video reel display split and flip. The top half of the old symbp; swings down, showing the top half of a new image underneath. The reverse side of the former top half then becomes the bottom half of a new symbol.

**Symbols are stylized, color-coded pastiches on U.S. currency – the $1 bill features George Washington and has a green border, the $2 bill has Thomas Jefferson and a blue border and so on. In a fun little extra, the presidents – plus non-presidents Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton – are wearing their usual serious looks as each flip starts. But when you win, you’ll see them turn those frowns upside down.

**All pays are scatter pays. Your collection of winning symbols don’t have to form a payline across the screen. If you have enough three $20 Andrew Jacksons on the fourth reel and two on the fifth, they pay just as much as one on each reel in a line all the way across the screen.

**To the right of the main display, there’s a bonus reel. When dollar sign symbols appear on the main reels, the side reel spins and lights up from one to four currency symbols, which then fly over to the main screen. If the side reel lands on the $100, then you’ll see some extra Benjies float onto the main game, creating extra big winners.

**Three or more storm clouds symbols launch the Money Rain free spins bonus. Values are increased for winners, bills and gold coins rain down the screen. As the splits flip you just might find yourself singing along with the catchy theme – “Money rain, money rain, money rain.”

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