“Big Bang Theory Slots” Give You More Bang For Your Buck

 “Big Bang Theory Slots” Give You More Bang For Your Buck

When video slots first came out, it took only a single bonus event to entrance players. Neighbors would stop their play to watch whenever someone went fishing in Reel ’Em In or chose their Chinese foods from the menu in Fortune Cookie. But slot design has become an ever-escalating game of “Can you top this?” Modern slots often have multiple bonus events in the same game, with a mix of free spins and pick’em-style bonus.

Take “The Big Bang Theory,” Aristocrat Technologies’ riff on CBS’ megahit sitcom. Three scattered bonus symbols launch a spin of a bonus wheel on the Wonder Wheels format, and where the wheel stops either awards credits or determines which of six bonus events you’ll play. Big Bang Theory has a minimum bet of 50 credits and maximum of 600, and casino operators can choose coin denominations for 1 cent to $20. There are four playing fields on the screen – you’re essentially playing four games at once. There’s a three-level progressive jackpot, as well as a wide-area jackpot that links multiple casinos. You have to bet at least 200 credits to be eligible for the wide-area, which begins building from a $250,000 base.

Events are themed on game characters. Free spin events include the Large Leonard Hofstadter Collision feature, which incorporates Mega symbols taking up several spaces to create potential large wins, and has a choose-your-volatility option. Do you want fewer spins for a large multiplier, for a big-win-or-bust scenario, or more spins with a smaller multiplier, for a better chance of at least some bonus credits?

The Dr. Sheldon Cooper Roommate Agreement feature brings eight free Reel Power spins, and the Penny Friendship Paradigm feature brings five free spins with scatter pays.

In pick’em bonuses, there’s the Howard Wolowitz Mystic Warlords of Ka’a feature, in which you choose cards to reveal credits and multipliers, and the Raj Koothrappali Scavenger Vortex feature, in which you pick scavenger hunt objects for credits – pick the right object and you win all.

Finally, there’s the Big Bang Theory Progressive feature, with a chance to pick symbols to win credits or on of three progressive jackpot levels.

There’s A LOT going on in this game, and fans of the TV show will find plenty to hold their interest.

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