A Betting Mistake Pays Off

 A Betting Mistake Pays Off

We all make mistakes in the casino. Blackjack players stand when they meant to hit, slot players forget to check to see all the paylines are active and players at any game sometimes have a brain cramp and make a bet that’s larger than they’d intended.

Sometimes the mistake doesn’t hurt us, and sometimes it does. Rarely, if we’re very lucky, it turns into something extraordinary.

“Extraordinary” is the word I’d use to describe something a reader saw in a casino, then was kind enough to pass the story on to me.

“An older woman is play was playing a Ten Play Poker slant top quarter machine behind me,” he wrote. “She was playing one quarter per hand, and the game was Triple Double Bonus. 

“I heard her say ‘Oooop!’ rather loudly, so I stood up and turned around. She had somehow leaned over and mistakenly hit the full pay button.”

Instead of the $2.50 the woman had been wagering with 25 cents times 10 hands, she wagered $12.50 with full five coin bets for each hand. Not only that. A peek at the credit meter showed she had only 18 credits left. If this hand went badly, she was done.

But she wasn’t.

“She has been dealt four aces,” the witness wrote. “A guy sitting next to her caught  my eye and shook his head with a big smile.”

On Triple Double Bonus, four Aces pays 800 coins – $200 on a quarter machine. If the fifth card is a 2, 3 or 4, that payoff rockets to 4,000 coins, or $1,000 at quarter level. She had at least $200 10 times, and had the draw to go.  

“She drew FIVE kickers, so she had $6,000 in all,” he wrote. “I went back to playing and the staff did the hand pay.”

Was her husband thrilled for her? Not so much 

“She called her husband to tell him the news.  The guy next to her told me that he could hear her husband chewing her out for screwing up their taxes.”

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