Travel Tunica Goes to the Greens

Most fans of Tunica enjoy playing games of leisure at our nine casinos, but our Travel Tunica group decided to step off of the casino floor this month for a different kind of game of leisure—learning how to play golf.  While this can be overwhelming to people of different skill levels, Tunica National General Manager Bob Wolcott, a former PGA Tour player, got us swinging in the right direction for a day that everyone who comes to Tunica should experience.
First, we’ll start by telling you that all of us have different skill levels.  Here’s our experience that should show a golfer of any skill level can benefit from playing the greens while in Tunica.

Travel Tunica Chrissy:
When I call myself a beginner, I mean the extent of my golf “experience” only goes as far as Putt-Putt.  I know that’s super insulting to true golfers, but that’s all I knew until my first golf lesson at Tunica National with Bob Wolcott.  I was nervous at first, but Bob really put us all at ease and gave us the 101 lesson by showing us correct grip, stance and movement.  Of course, I missed a few times, but when I hit a decent shot I wanted to scream & jump at my accomplishment.  The lesson was a great experience, and I’ve already started planning a trip to the driving range to work on what I was taught!

Travel Tunica Lisa:
I have only been golfing a handful of times and mainly been the golf cart driver on those occasions.  I’d call myself a beginner with some experience, but after one lesson from Bob, I am hooked. It was great walking away from the lesson knowing that I can hit the ball. Who knows? You may just find me on the driving range at Tunica National on my lunch break. I’m willing to give it a shot.

After giving us one-on-one instruction, Bob Wolcott explained the key to improving your golf game.
“Getting a professional to evaluate what you’re doing and showing you what works and what doesn’t is the only way to become a better player,” Wolcott said.  “Everyone has room for improvement.  We’ll work with you one-on-one to become the best player you can be.”
He says to not be afraid to take a few lessons.  He or any of the other pros in Tunica can get you swinging in the right direction.  

Call Tunica National Golf & Tennis to take lessons from Bob Wolcott or one of their other pros or River Bend Links.
 You’ll see that learning or honing your skill for this game of leisure is the key to getting to making your Tunica getaway an ace.

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