New Mad Men and Flintstones Slots From WMS Gaming

Slot machine manufacturers have drawn on TV, movies, board games and pop culture icons for years, and they’re not shy about crossing generations to do it. After all, the games need to appeal to a wide variety of players.

Take two new TV themes turned into slots by WMS Gaming. Firmly rooted in the present is Mad Men, and there’s a not to Baby Boomers’ youth with The Flintstones.

Mad Men Slots TunicaMad Men is based on the hit AMC series, and has a nice wrinkle in launching bonus events. It can trigger a bonus event either scattered bonus symbols, like most games, but it also can launch the bonus with any win of at least five times your bet. After that, a spin of a bonus wheel in the top box – with an on-edge view that gives it the look of a slot reel spinning toward you – can bring bonus credits or land on a character symbol to bring a themed bonus events based on show characters, with plenty of video.

It a trial run of the Roger Sterling bonus, I was invited to have a drink – that is, to touch a glass of some nice brown liquid on the screen and perhaps add wild symbols to the reader. Using video from the show, the machine offers up a line from Sterling to go with the bonus – “When God closes a door, he opens a dress” after my first choice.

 “It’s a little edgy,” WMS vice president of game development Phil Gelber said, chuckling as he showed what the game could do.

Flintstones Slots TunicaThe Flintstones, meanwhile bring the modern Stone Age family to two 32-inch high resolution screens, and the playing field is five video reels that are each four symbols deep. The game is packed with bonus features that launch when two four-space-deep Flintstones characters line up. On the Bam Bam bonsus, Betty and Barney’s tyke takes his club to the top of the reels, and as he shouts “Bam! Bam! Bam!” reel symbols turn wild for extra winning combinations.

In a Bedrock Bowling bonus, you choose a bowler, and can touch the ball to change it from the usual less-than-smooth stone look to a soccer ball, ball of cash or other options. I used a cash ball and got two strikes in my three frames, collecting nice bonuses on each strike. Yabba Dabba Do!

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