Superstitious Slot Play

 Superstitious Slot Play

I’m not a superstitious sort, preferring to trust the math of casino games rather than my brother’s family-famous jackpot dance. It’s harmless fun, and like many, he engages in superstitious behavior without really believing it makes a difference. He’s not alone. Take these tales from readers who have relayed their own superstitions:

Belinda: I have my lucky slot machine shirt, and I try to wear it every time I play.

My son gave it to me, and it has a big picture of a slot machine on it. It has a handle and three reels, and there are coins pouring out of it, so it’s not really the kind that I play, but I feel lucky in it anyway.

When it was new, it was all glittery and shiny, and it felt RICH. Now it’s old and faded, and if it was anything else, I’d probably get rid of it. But this is my lucky shirt! The biggest jackpot I ever hit was in that shirt. I was playing the $1 Red, White and Blue progressives, and hit for over $20,000.

Rosemary: I played in bingo halls for a long time before I ever played in casino. You know how bingo players are. We have all kinds of good-luck charms — lucky shirts, lucky hats, lucky markers, lucky stuffed animals.

The first time I played on the slot machines was after playing a bingo session, so I had all my bingo stuff with me. On video keno, five of the six numbers came up, and I had a pretty good pay.

I still take my bingo stuff with me whenever I play the slots. My very luckiest piece is my Elvis dauber. I wouldn’t be without that.

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