New Video Poker Options from IGT

 New Video Poker Options from IGT

You always can count on International Game Technology for an interesting twist on video poker. In the coming year, the twists will include games with new Ace-based multipliers and a marriage of poker and keno.

The multipliers come in Ultimate Aces, a multihand game. Every time an Ace or multiple Aces come up on screen, they create multipliers that make your winning hands more valuable. The multiplier format has served IGT well in games such as Ultimate X and Super Times Pay.

Triple Play Keno Draw Poker features Triple Play Poker with an optional side bet on a keno card. The keno card not only has its own wins and pay table, but also creates multipliers for the poker hand. Alternatively, IGT is offering a poker-keno combo with a single poker hand tied to four keno cards. For those who can’t decide between poker and keno at a multigame machine, here’s your game.

There’s some fun bonusing in another new game, Triple Play Poker with Match Card. At the end of a draw, you get three cards off to the side. As on many of the IGT bonusing games, the special feature costs an extra five credits per hand. The usual Triple Play maximum bet is 15 coins, but Match Card kicks that up to 30. That pays for the bonus payoffs, which can make your day.

If there’s a match between your hand and the extra card, you get a multiplier. During a trial run, I got a match with a 6 of clubs, and that multiplied winnings by three. The multipliers can go up to 11x if two of the extra cards are matches. When you get a multiplier on a big hand, it’s almost as good as drawing a royal flush.

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