New Table Games from SHFL Entertainment

 New Table Games from SHFL Entertainment

The biggest name in new table games for the casino industry is also a new name. SHFL Entertainment changed its name from Shuffle Master this fall. By any name, it always has new poker-based games in its mix.

One is Face Up Stud Poker, which features heads-up play against the dealer, an optional Trips bet and a progressive bet. Players get to see all the dealer’s cards before deciding to play or fold, and winners get bigger payoffs when the dealer’s hand is stronger.

Raise It Up Stud Poker is a six-card poker game where the player combines his own three cards with three community cards. The object is to make a hand of a pair of 10s or better. The hand starts starts with equal wagers on ante and blind.

You then are dealt three cards, and three community cards are dealt face down in the middle of the table. After you look at your cards, you may make a “play” bet of three times your ante. If you wait until seeing the first community card, you can play for twice your ante. After seeing the second card, if you haven’t already made the play, you can either fold or play for a bet equal to your ante.

If you’re dealt a winner, then you can take full advantage with a 3x play bet. If not, you get free looks at your cards and the first community card, and don’t have to make a play/fold decision until after the second community card.

New table games don’t move into casinos as rapidly as new slot games, but with the SHFL name behind them, these figure to get a look.

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