Our Favorite Pins, Projects and Time Passers To Prepare for Tunica Balloon Bash

 Our Favorite Pins, Projects and Time Passers To Prepare for Tunica Balloon Bash

The Tunica Balloon Bash is only a few days away. If you can’t wait to take a tethered ride or watch the balloon glow, there are plenty of hot air balloon distractions on the Internet to pass the time until you head down the road November 9-11 to experience it for yourself.

We’ll start with the most all-consuming, but also most welcome, distraction of them all: Pinterest. Have a look around the Hot Air Balloon Love and Hot Air Balloon Ideas boards for cool hot air balloon art, jewelry and more. There’s also a board of beautiful hot air balloon cards and décor for a hot air balloon party. If you’re a Pinterest addict, don’t forget that Tunica has its own Pinterest page.

On YouTube, you can watch how a hot air balloon is made from start to finish. Can you believe the same kind of seam used on jeans is the one used on hot air balloons? To try flying your own hot air balloon online, see how many times you can hit the target with this hot air balloon game. And the surprise of seeing a hot air balloon in flight makes them a favorite of Instagram users. More than 45,000 Instagram photos are viewable on Webstagram that use the tag #hotairballoon.

DIYers have plenty of hot air balloon crafts and desert recipes ideas to choose from. Children and grandchildren can have fun making their own hot air balloons. For a nice surprise at the breakfast table, whip up a batch of hot air balloon muffins.

To show off your own photos and videos from your visit to the Tunica Balloon Bash, use the tag #TunicaBalloonBash. Continue to watch Tunica’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@TunicaMS) accounts for Balloon Bash updates.

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