Introducing NASCAR and Pawn Star Slots from Bally

 Introducing NASCAR and Pawn Star Slots from Bally

At the annual Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, the major slot manufacturers always have the biggest, brightest, noisiest, busiest high-energy booths. Thousands of new games were on display this October, ready to impress the casino execs who decide what goes onto their slot floors.

A couple that are sure to draw crowds in the casinos, just as they drew crowds at G2E, are from Bally Technologies. Anyone who’s watched “Pawn Stars” on the History Channel is going to love the bargaining over bonuses on Bally’s Pawn Stars slot. It has multiple bonus events, including a wheel spin that shows just what event you’re going to play.

I tried Rick’s Bonus, where it was time to negotiate a price. The player chooses an item to sell, touching one of several on the screen. I was pitching my old bicycle, and Rick was making offers. Should I accept, or should I turn it down? After a little give and take, Rick made his final offer, and offered to call in an expert.

Should I take the money, or take a chance and call in the expert, who might award a bigger bonus? I called for the expert, who informed us my classic bike was a phony. There went my bonus. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

It was fun to play, and so was NASCAR. It features images of cars and drivers — referring to both by the numbers, something NASCAR fans will relate to. With any of the numbered cars, you can touch the screen to get a photo and bio of the driver. And at bonus time, you’re in the driver’s seat, trying to accelerate and pass other drivers to collect a bigger prize. Regardless of whether you’re a NASCAR fan, you’ll feel then need for speed.

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