New Betty Boop Fortune Teller Slots From Bally

 New Betty Boop Fortune Teller Slots From Bally

The last time I saw Betty Boop, the iconic cartoon flapper was the center of attention of Betty Boop’s Love Meter. That was one of the first Bally Technologies slot machines to incorporate its iDeck touch-screen technology where the button panel is on most machines. In one bonus event, you’d touch a hand outline on the panel, and the Love Meter would rise in the top box. The meter would rise from lovable to romantic to sexy to wild to smokin’ and beyond — the higher your Love Meter score, the bigger your bonus.

That was a couple of years ago, and it’s time for Betty, a Bally staple since the 1990s, to make another appearance. She returns in a new game, Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller. This one is a five-reel video slot just packed with special features.

There are three progressive jackpots, and 15 different bonus events. The top progressive can be connected to Bally’s new Cash Connection wide-area link so that play in different casinos feeds into the same large jackpot. Fortune Teller also can be set to link just jackpots within one casino.

Fortune Teller uses Bally’s U-Spin technology in some bonus events. That’s been a popular favorite in games such as Vegas Hits, where you touch the wheel on the screen, drag and let go to give it a big spin. And Fortune Teller also uses the iDeck. Maybe you’ll get your palms read. Maybe you’ll choose among healing crystals or zodiac signs.

The technology allows Bally to offer a slew of choices for players within the bonus package. Betty Boop slot fans are going to want their fortunes told.

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