Casino Spotlight: Live the Biker Lifestyle at Roadhouse

 Casino Spotlight: Live the Biker Lifestyle at Roadhouse

Tunica Roadhouse is a “let your hair down” kind of place where you can experience an attitude you can’t find at any casino outside of Tunica. Roadhouse has games and entertainment that make it feel like Tunica’s biker bar, but you don’t have to own a Harley to feel at home.

While I enjoy the gaming at Roadhouse, there are plenty of other things to do at the Riverstage Showbar and off the gaming floor. For one, there’s Whiskey. Every casino has whiskey the alcohol, but only Roadhouse has a kind of whiskey that packs a little more kick: Whiskey the Bull. He’s the mechanical bull with his game face on who regularly shows all who ride him that he’s the boss. A few feet away, you can compete with your friends in darts, beer pong and pinball.

On Fridays and Saturdays beginning at 9:30 p.m., regional bands perform at the Riverstage Showbar. Stop by in between games to catch the live music. Video poker games are also set up at the bar.

A bite to eat is close by at the Tunica Roadhouse Diner. “Biker’s Breakfast” is served all day and includes two eggs served with bacon, sausage, country ham or steak. After 11 a.m., try the “Gambler’s Special”: a combo of steak and shrimp. You can dine in the restaurant or have your meal on the porch. Enlarge the photo of the menu to the right of this post to see a sample of what you can order at the diner. The average check is a only $12 per person.

Look for my post next week, because I’ll tell you about an in-room amenity that only comes standard to guests at Roadhouse.

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