Olympic Spirit Lives on in Tunica – Tunica TV

 Olympic Spirit Lives on in Tunica – Tunica TV

Yesterday’s Closing Ceremony signified the end of this year’s Summer Olympics. You could wait four more years to experience the pageantry, drama and excitement of sport’s greatest showcase, or you could head on over to TunicaTravel.tv  for an Olympics extravaganza that is totally Tunica.

Opening ceremony? We’ve got it. Fierce competition? Check.  A compelling commentator with impressive hair? Watch your back, Bob Costas, because Tunica TV’s host, Drew, is a force to be reckoned.

Watch as the Tunica Convention and Visitor’s Bureau delegation faces off against the team from Sullivan Branding in a battle of skill, finesse and wits. Experience the ecstasy of victory and the agony of defeat as Tunica TV takes on the Olympics.

London put on a good show, but check out the videos below to see how we do things just down the road. And be sure to visit Tunica TV for an insider’s look at all things Tunica.

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