Casino Spotlight: 7 Ways to Win Big at Sam’s Town

 Casino Spotlight: 7 Ways to Win Big at Sam’s Town

Continuing on our casino spotlight tour, this month are going to take you on a journey through the wonderful world of Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall!

This week we are going to start with Sam’s Town’s outstanding promotions and share with you the top seven ways to win BIG at Sam’s Town in March.

7 Ways to Win Big at Sam’s Town:

  1. Tuesday’s are Senior’s Day – B Connected cardholders 50 years of age or older may participate in Sam’s Town’s Senior’s Day Stetson Hat Kiosk Promotion.  Just for registering in the program, players will receive $5 in Slot Dollars, and half off breakfast or lunch, or $5 off a dinner buffet. Players can register by checking in at any of their promotion kiosks located throughout the casino anytime after 7 am and before 11:30 pm. Every time you earn 2,000 base points you get a chance to play the “Pick A Stetson Hat” game on a promotion kiosk. Guests can win up to 100,000 points!
  2. B Connected Email & Cell Phone Drawing – Want to get offers from Sam’s Town even faster than the mail?  A couple of ways to do it is through your email or cell phone. To make it even better for guests Sam’s Town is giving away prizes just for updating your email address or cell phone at the B Connected Booth. Every Monday three names will be drawn and the winners will be notified by email or a cell phone text.
    1st Prize – Two (2) nights hotel accommodation, $50 in Slot Dollars, and a $50 Food credit.
    2nd Prize – $100 in Slot Dollars.
    3rd Prize – $40 in Food credit.
  3. B Connected with Hotel Connections – Need another reason to enjoy one of Sam’s Town’s spacious rooms and become a B Connected member? How about free Slot Dollars? Hotel guests who become a new B Connected member will receive $5 in Slot Dollars when signing up.
  4. Bring a Friend and Triple Your Points – Triple your fun when you bring a friend! Bring a friend with you who doesn’t have a B Connected card yet.  Take them to the award winning B Connected Club and get them a card.  When you do, your friend will earn a mystery prize, and you will earn 3 times your friends points for that day!
  5. New Member Mystery Prize –We all like a nice surprise. We all like gifts. Now New Members will get a Mystery Prize when they sign up for a new B Connected card! New Members may win one of the following:
    • 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x bonus points Slot or Table Dollars ranging from $5 to $500
    • Two complimentary meal tickets for The Great Buffet, Snacks and Stuff, Smokey Joe’s or Twain’s Steakhouse
    • Early Bird Special
    • A complimentary two (2) night hotel accommodation
  6. Thursday’s Are Gals and Pals Days – Every Thursday, on Gals & Pals Day, all “Gals” may bring guests, and both Gals & Pals may participate in the promotion. Both Gals and their Pals must register at the award winning B Connected booth to participate. Once registered Gals & Pals will receive Slot Dollars, a discount to the buffet, and an entry into the hourly drawing!  You can earn extra entries into the hourly drawings by playing with your B Connected card.
  7. The Beast Challenge – Can you conquer The Beast?  Are you up to the challenge?  Want to win yourself some fame and $100 in Slot Dollars? Time to stop answering questions and step up to Smokey Joe’s on Friday or Saturday night and take “The Beast” Challenge!  You will get yourself a 64 ounce Ribeye steak, loaded baked potato, and salad.  If you can conquer The Beast in 46 minutes you win yourself $100 in Slot Dollars, fame,  a t-shirt, and we will give you your $64 back!  Even if you can’t finish The Beast in 46 minutes we will give you a t-shirt for trying.  Sam’s Town will even throw in one free 12 oz glass of MGD 64, and you get to keep the souvenir glass! Not sure if you are up to taking on The Beast by yourself?  Bring a friend, or two, or so and order The Beast to share with the table!  Order your additional sides, beverages, and start practicing to take on The Beast by yourself!If you are planning to take on The Beast, please give Sam’s Town a heads up.  You have 46 minutes to conquer The Beast, and they need 40 minutes to cook it to perfection for you!


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