Can You Count Cards On Single-player Video Blackjack Games?

 Can You Count Cards On Single-player Video Blackjack Games?

When you play blackjack, you’re not restricted to the betting spot directly in front of you. You can bet on two spots and get two hands, or three, or more. I once saw a fellow with a much larger bankroll than mine betting all seven spots at table with $100 minimum bets. He wasn’t betting the minimum, either.

Usually, the casino requires that you bet twice the posted minimum in order to play two spots. If the placard on the table reads “$5 minimum,” then to bet play two hands you must bet at least $10 on each.

That common house rule led to this email from a reader:

“If a player betting two spots must double the minimum bet at blackjack does  that mean playing two spots instead of one is an advantage to the player?  Since my wife and I always gamble together (and there’s no her money/his  money, it’s all our money) should we always play two spots by sitting next to each other, without being  forced into doubling bets, instead of me standing behind her with advice?  (I won’t comment on the value of the advice.)”

I told him the house edge when you play two spots is the same as when you play one. It smooths out the volatility a little, but the odds of the game are the same.

The reason the house requires a double-minimum bet to play two spots is that it doesn’t want to tie up multiple spots with minimum bets. Execs would rather take the chance that another player will come along and bet several times minimum. Those who have done their research know the house makes more money that way.

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