Living It Up on the Mississippi

 Living It Up on the Mississippi

It was just another day on the Mighty Mississippi.  Barges traveling up & down to their unknown destinations, while the alligator gar peaked at the water’s break and the deer ran along the edge of the river.  Our group nervously walked down the boat ramp approaching the dock.  Only one of us had ever experienced an airboat ride until now.

Our guide, David, handed out life jackets for everyone & we boarded for our journey up the Mississippi.  Once we cut through the calm waters, we took off and the fun began.  Our speed accelerated and the wind blew our hair, while the spray tickled our faces.  Our first destination was a cove on the Arkansas side of the river.  It was very calm and tranquil and we seemed to be all alone.

Then we crossed over to an inlet created back behind the Gold Strike when the casinos were first built.  Our objective was to see some flying fish (Asian Carp) that we had heard so much about.  Some of the group was a little nervous about the possibility of fish flying into our boat and rightfully so!  As soon as we entered the area, the fish began jumping at the back of the boat.  Our screams combined with laughter filled the air.  The anxiety and excitement of it all was intriguing!  While we did have a couple unwanted guests on the boat, the only person to get slimed was our guide, David.

After experiencing our fish tale, we headed back out on the water, which was a bumpier ride with extra spray because of the additional barges moving by us.  But like David said, “You haven’t been baptized til you’ve been baptized by the Mississippi.”  So true because once we arrived back at the dock, we all felt reborn.

If moseying isn’t your thing and you’re looking for something faster, call the Tunica Queen today and book an airboat ride for you or the whole family!  The airboat accommodates up to six people and costs $35 per person (age 5 or older) for a half hour.

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